A water like clear fluid diminishes my nose when I bend down. Even …

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    I am a neurosurgeon and what you are explaining could be a case of spontaneous CSF rhinorrhea. CSF means cerebrospinal fluid and it’s the fluid which is giving nutrition and cushioning effect to your brain. And rhinorrhea indicates leaking from nose. This leaking usually is more on sneezing coughing or flexing forwards … and there is a salted taste to it. This usually begins when there is some bony problem within the nose which let’s the sterile CSF out through the nose.

    The sensation of dizziness and black outs can also be described because if this as it can cause intracranial hypotension (sorry for using medical terms). Intracranial hypotension takes place when the Cushioning effect of CSF is lost for a short time and the pressure the head decreases causing lightheadedness.

    You need to obtain evaluated by a neurosurgeon. As this dripping is not a normal thing and this increases the chance of infection spreading into the sterile csf and which has its own effects (information your doctor can supply).

    First he will ask you to collect that fluid in a sterilized container and do some tests to make are that it’s CSF and absolutely nothing else.

    And after that depending on the results, further imaging to discover the cause will be done.

    This must not be taken lightly and visit your doctor as early as possible.Dont get frightened or alarmed.All these are treatable conditions.

    As far as the concern of memory problems is worried. There is no way this CSF leak can trigger memory loss. There are no nerve cells lost (it’s definitely ridiculous) and the memory area of the brain remains in entirely various area.

    You can get your memory also evaluated by your neurosurgeon (however I am quite sure it’s not required).

    To repeat again … don’t take this condition lightly.If you have

    1) Watery discharge coming thru nose with sneezing coughing bending forward and so on

    2) If that fluid is salted to taste

    3) If you are having some fever together with the leakage

    4) If you have a history of injury to nose, head or were involved in some accident several years ago.

    If you have these symptoms.Go visit your doctor. it’s essential.

    As somebody who has had 3 CSF( Cerebrospinal Fluid) leaks, it seems like that’s what you have. Do you likewise have a headache with position change, especially lying down to staying up? Have you ever had any type of surgery on your head or sinuses? Any brain surgery? How about bad sinus infections, or any head trauma? These can cause CSF leakages. Mine happened throughout and after surgical treatment for a Pituitary Tumor. You need to get this had a look at instantly! It threatens to have a CSF leakage. Please see a respectable Neurosurgeon. They will need to do an MRI. Comprehend that it is not constantly simple to see a CSF leak on an MRI, especially as older injury. It might require the Neurosurgeon to use a magnifying glass or other kind of magnifier to take a look at your MRI and locate the leak. Hopefully, yours will be obvious, like mine was. Hopefully, you live near a significant city with trustworthy Neurosurgeons. If not, I would drive or fly to discover one. I, personally, went to Seattle, WA for my Neurosurgery, as the physicians there were outstanding. I had fantastic care there. No matter what, it is necessary to have this checked out by a trustworthy( and board licensed) Neurosurgeon right away! Finest dreams!

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    if u cant smell and fluid is really thin than it appears to be csf (cerebrospinal fluid) plese go for fluid examamination

    That is cerebrospinal fluid that is dripping. This threatens and you require to be assessed by a neurologist or neurosurgeon right away. If you can’t get to a physician, head to the ER and tell them you are leaking cerebrospinal from your nose and eye and include the feelings in your head and your discomfort. Be insistent. They might not believe you. If there is an escape of the brain for the fluid, there is also a method for infection. This has to be repaired.

    When you see your physician about this, he can evaluate to see if the fluid is cerebral-spinal fluid. Although this dripping might be from the sinuses, it’s possible that there’s a sluggish leakage somewhere in the brain covering, and the fluid is from this. I’ve checked out that a person of the ways to evaluate for this, is to test the fluid for glucose. Cerebral spinal fluid will have glucose in it, whereas mucous from the sinuses will not. (I believe they can utilize the dipsticks that they utilize to check urine for glucose, which every doctor’s workplace uses.)

    If this details is not appropriate, your medical professional needs to know what to do to test it.


    Im handling the specific same thing. But i have an aching at the idea of my nosyril which the feeling triggers my ideal eye to water and then my nose runs more. Continuous tickle in my right nostril. I had this in 2015. Both sides run however thr righg is like a faucet

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    Your symptoms of a runny nose seem really similar to mine some of the time.

    My response listed below worked for me, my buddies and my family for both stuffy and runny noses. The thin liquid appears to get away regardless of the stuffiness that is most likely going on in your sinuses. Keep in mind that stuffy sinuses could cause dizziness as it has for me.

    Linda Boguslav’s answer to How do you clear a stuffy nose naturally?

    This will eliminate germs, fungus, viruses and mold that might be triggering you numerous issues.

    Let us know if you get outcomes, great or bad. Your objective would be to clear out whatever is stuck in your head.

    Hey There,

    Thanks for your inquiry on quora

    ” As” per your clinical history is worried please follow like this –

    1) Do a scientific examination by your Medical professional[ENT] and do couple of examinations like [Nasal endoscopy,CBC with differential,Nasal and sinus cultures and MRI scan]

    2) Do take otc medication [Actifed plus] two times a day for 10 days, include [oxymetazoline] nasal spray and other medications will be included after nasal endoscopy.

    Do follow way of life modifications like this –

    1) Prevent upper breathing infections. Lessen contact with people who have colds. Wash your hands often with soap and water, specifically prior to your meals.

    2) Thoroughly handle your allergic reactions. Deal with your doctor to keep signs under control.

    3) Avoid cigarette smoke and polluted air. Tobacco smoke and air impurities can irritate and irritate your lungs and nasal passages.

    4) Use a humidifier. If the air in your home is dry, such as it is if you have actually forced hot air heat, including moisture to the air may assist avoid sinus problems.

    Hope that assists

    So extremely odd, please see a skilled doc. I can only keep in mind such things happening after a brain operation or after a skull fracture where cerebro-spinal fluid was leaking out, however that typically was from the ear.

    Though I’m not truly attempting to terrify you, I fear you might have CSF Rhinorrhea or Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Syndrome.

    This is a condition which leads to drainage of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) due to a breach in the brain membrane.

    Though this condition is uncommon, however it’s not unusual. People normally neglect this sign to Runny Nose.

    This syndrome may result in Intracranial Hypotension, and an infection may be far more unsafe.

    I do not know that you’re having this condition, however I ‘d humbly request you to speak with a specialist neurologist with no additional ado. It’s treatable. Take care!!!:–RRB-

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