Are there private schools with outstanding science …

  • Please note, this is very much my personal opinion, based on my truthful analysis!

    Elite private schools offer world-class quality education! In plain words, undoubtedly the quality of a star hotel versus a budget hotel

    Since I’ve got dual experience as a public and private school parent, I can hit the nail right at the wall.

    If someone asks me about the best thing we did as parents, ‘r answer would be putting our daughter to an ELITE private school (I highlighted elite, ‘coz private schools vary with less expensive ones, religious ones and the elite expensive ones with boarding and day school)

    I’m leaving the money part here, as the question is what do private schools offer that public schools don’t!

    I just cannot answer this question in a clear-cut precise way. I’ll lay out examples of both private and public schools’ approaches towards students (‘coz that breaks or makes them) and explain.

    My daughter was raised in a public school system till middle school. Right now, she entered a private school for High School, literally her dream school of arts where academics and arts are given equal priority. So I’ve just got l’l over two weeks of her private school experience to share, but trust me, it’s a groundbreaking experience for her, compared to her old public school system.

    Our kid was supremely creative since her toddler days! But her public-school system drastically failed to notice that creative spark in her. A major flaw of a public-school system! Every kid will have a natural spark, which public schools are rarely bound to tap. I’m not getting into the reasons, there may be several. Since our kid is born to us privileged (please do not contemplate it’s just money and education, but all the qualities that make good parents) parents, we recognized her talent, guided and supported her till today, her works are in New England Galleries now, and she recently signed an agreement with a NY gallery for marketing her works, which are a few among her several achievements made till middle school, with zero to nil support from her public school system.

    Question?? What could be the fate of another child with not much privileged parents like us, who might come from a broken home, who had this very same talent, happened to be in a public-school system? Where could he or she end up in life?

    Public schools other than greater school districts at times can even dishearten or demotivate your gifted kid, with a different skin pigmentation, no matter how well-behaved, talented or charismatic your child is, ‘coz the thought process of some of these adult school figures can be shallow, mean and petty. At the same time, there are a few amazing touching educators too, who are the real good apples, unfortunately, the bad ones, overpower them. Well, at the same time, I’ve heard candid stories from my devoted friends, whose kids are in the best school districts, where Asian parents frequently get engaged in the hectic rat race, eventually burning their own kid’s future. So that was an absolute no, no for us!

    The public school system has a bunch of awful adults in positions of authority. Our child may have to interact with them during their long hours in the school environment, which obviously will have a significant effect on the kid. Creativity and critical thinking may be totally devalued in this kind of authoritarian school system, where one could only expect moderate thinking and a standardized form of education. It’s an environment of unpleasantness and uncertainty for gifted kids, where you may be singled out if you perform above the boundaries, singled out if you perform bad, teased if you don’t look a certain way, teased if you don’t do certain things. Nothing matters, except how your kid takes it all, how they themselves, what they learned in school about groups, grading, exclusion, inclusion, the mean popular girls, bullying, differential rewarding and so and so forth. Since we were her rock pillars, nothing much affected her, except some minor heartaches due to her creative psyche which yearns for softer emotions. The limitless love, support, and encouragement from her art admirers, supporters, curators, and organizations made her resilient and flawless more so ever.

    Towards the end of her middle school, my daughter got invited as a guest by YWCA for one of their luncheons in honoring women. Since she had to attend this luncheon on a weekday, she refused. But YWCA director assured her she will send a letter to her school principal and homeroom teacher, on behalf of YWCA for taking special permission for an early dismissal, not to markdown her absence due to her philanthropic efforts to the community. She sent in a beautiful letter, ccing me and her homeroom teacher and principal gave their consent in writing back to me, but at the end of the school year, records of her attendance showed the particular day marked down as unexcused absence, though all the records can prove them bluntly wrong. Just a specimen of a public school’s negligence, careless and callous trait!

    Now I’ll explain what my daughter’s private school is offering her! Magic, yes it’s pure magic, a magical place, where she is getting what she needs, to make anything possible! Firstly, she got the right school environment! Her school welcomed her with open arms seeing her incredible portfolio on audition. It’s not just a place for learning academics and art but stems from a universal formula for making school ‘fun, creative, and a happy place to hang out. This school is the epitome of Virtues, right from the director to the security guy. The noticeable factor of this private school is a culture of mutual respect, kindness, understanding, and acceptance, that elevates everyone’s thinking. Obviously visible an engaging community with extraordinarily high standards and a level of high maturity. Resources are vast, and smaller class sizes make the student-teacher ratio appreciable.

    The motto of her school is-Non Nobis Solum; “Not for ourselves alone”, they literally mean it in every way! The School does so in a diverse, humane, and ethical community. Being international, kids come from all four corners of the world, diversity at its best! Here kids evolve together, learning from each other, helping each other, being kind to each other, being there for each other, discovering their SELF, developing as leaders for themselves and for the world. And the splendid faculty, teachers, and staff hear them, guide them, enlighten them and get them to evolve as human beings in a real sense. Her regular school hours are from 8 am to 6: 10 pm, at times going beyond that time, having their breakfast, lunch and dinner served with different cuisines for both boarders and day schoolers (school being international boarding and day).

    Still, at the end of these extended stretchy hours, our daughter is in her la-la land…the power of natural drive through inspired learning, a truly, ground-breaking experience for her!! While I recall her coming back at 2: 05 pm from her previous public school, it appeared her little shoulders were carrying the burden of the whole world! Now when I drive her back home in the early evenings around 6: 30 pm, she is at the height of contentment humming and smiling, still bursting with the whole world’s energy!!! A world-shattering difference between her public school and her private school! This private school is offering infinite satisfaction to our child, and that is what every parent craves!

    I realize when creative people are happy, sky is the limit!

    Meghana AKA Meghan Basi – Artwork for Sale – Norwood, MA – United States

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