Can a burdizzo be used to castrate a man?

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    The answer is yes. I have witnessed a religious cult castrating a number of young men in their twenties for being gay. The Burdizzo was the chosen method of castration because it was quick and non-invasive. The only thing I did not like was that force was used to subdue, strip and strap them face downwards. A drug was injected at the base of each young mans shaft. One thing I did not like was that several attempts had to made to close the jaws of the Burdizzo on one young man. This was because he had very large balls and thick spermatic cords. Using a full size burdizzo will eliminate this problem. P.S. Every effort should be used to close the Burdizzo at the first attempt. One can be surprised how difficult it can be to close the jaws of the Burdizzo on the thick cords of a young man in his twenties. It is important that once stripped he be placed face downwards over a curved bench with his legs spread wide. This will allow his testicles hang free. Use straps to restrain him. The bigger his balls the easier it will be to castrate him, providing you choose a full sized Burdizzo.

    I’ve actually known men who used burdizzo a to castrate themselves. It is possible and it happens more often than you might think.

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    Yes. A burdizzo can be used to geld a man. Young men in their twentes who show gay tendencies are castrated by some religious sects. It is recommended that a full sized burdizzo be used if the young man has thick spermatic cords.


    Recently doctors have studied using a burdizzo to castrate men.

    The burdizzo is a bloodless, noninvasive, less chance of infection, less expensive method of castration, and can be easily performed in a doctor’s office.

    You’d are initially the same as before the surgery except you will be sterile once you ejaculate the semen stored in the prostate and tubes.

    There is an anxiety afterwards that you will not be able to have an erection so you mastrabate more frequently at first.

    After 6 to 12 weeks you forget all about mastrabation. You no longer have erections and do not touch your penis except to urinate. You have no sexual urges and wonder what all the fuss was about. You stop having night erections,

    About 4 to 6 months after castration you start having hot flashes and night sweats. You have trouble sleeping. You have extreme exhaustion no matter how much sleep you get. You lose upper body strength. Depression is common.

    After about one year it is obvious that your penis has started to shrink. Erectile tissue is replaced by fibris tissue and you lose most of your penile sensation.

    By two to 5 years your penis is the size of a prepubescent male and may begin to turtle at times, causing you to sit to urinate to keep from making yourself a mess.

    I had my orchiectomy thirty years ago.

    When I came home from the hospital I my sex drive was out of control.

    I masturbated constantly.

    I called up anyone who I thought would have sex with me.

    My sex drive tapered off until about two weeks after my surgery when it stopped. I forgot all about my penis and did not even realize that I was impotent at about six weeks post.

    All of the time chasing women at bars and masturbating at home was like wasted time.

    I did not know what to do with all my free time.

    I became calmer and easier going.

    I can comfortably cross my legs.

    Today I am a different person.

    I still like women but as friends.

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    It is not the best way. I experienced it. I wanted to. My testicles were going to be taken out in two weeks anyway. It is somewhat painful. The looks and thought of what it’s supposed to do, is far worse then the actual event.

    I have been castrated.

    After I had a vasectomy I suffered with chronic testicular pain for many years. After going to several Urologists, because of changing medical plans, I asked my general practioner what he would do. He said, since you have been on testosterone replacement for years and have had a vasectomy, I would cut them off. I told him how I had seen several Urologists who just kept doing tests. Who should I go to for an Orchiectomy? He said I will refer you to someone. He sent me to a female urologist who cut them off two weeks later. In retrospect, it was the best thing I ever did.

    There is only person in the world who can help you do this. You MUST go to the nearest county (public) hospital, and tell the person at the ER intake EXACTLY what you have written here. They will help you to take care of it. Best of luck.

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    I have several short answers for this. One reason is that sometimes castration takes place when a man’s testicles become cancerous and are removed to keep the disease from spreading.

    A second reason would be because of severe abuse from cock and ball torture where the testicles become so badly injured that they cannot be repaired. This can include extreme crushing where the balls actually rupture and must be removed. Another form of torture, oftentimes self-inflicted, is the pushing of pins and needles through the testicles on a regular basis. This will often cause the balls to shrink up and eventually die making it necessary for their removal. Those are just a couple of examples of ball torture that can lead to castration.

    There have also been cases where some men have castrated themselves just to share this twisted sexual event withers on some porn sites.

    Also, some men have elected chemical castration as a punishment for some sexual crime rather than spending extended time in prison.

    Those are a few reasons for the act of castration. Not all of them are logical. Some are actually sexually-driven reasons. Others are elective reasons. Some are life-saving reasons. That’s the world we live in.

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