Do narcissists struggle with anxiety?

  • Mine stated he suffered anxiety to every Doctor he encountered but it was simply a poly to get drugs from the Doctors that he didn’t require and I understood didn’t work for him. He ‘d take it at night around 6: 00 go to sleep for 2 hours and after that be up on a rampage the remainder of the night! That isn’t typical! Narcissist like alcoholics and druggie don’t require alcohol and drugs!!! They need to abstain from alcohol and drugs completely!!! I can’t make this clear adequate for everybody worried!!!

    Please! Please! Please! All you Medical professionals out there! Do not give Narcissist drugs !!! They can’t take drugs! Other than for antidepressants! All other forms of drugs make narcissist go berserk! They will attempt to control you! control you! bug you! do anything they can to get drugs out of you !! but don’t provide drugs !!! Except for anti depressants !!! Because it puts their families at risk!!! Judges should decre that it should be against the law for a narcissist to get drugs or alcohol and that all narcissist shouldn’t be allowed to get drugs or alcohol!!!! This should be the law!!!! I don’t understand why it isn’t!!!!

    Have you ever recognized anybody that was eliminated by a drunk motorist? That intoxicated chauffeur was most likely a narcissist! If they survived and didn’t go to prison why didn’t the judge put a judgement on them saying they could no longer be enabled to get drugs or alcohol? They do not!!! But they should !!! Things have got to change!!!

    Do you understand a lady that gets beat up by her drunk spouse or partner? Time and time once again? That male is probably a narcissist! Why is it that judge didn’t put a decre out on that man that he could no longer be enabled to purchase alcohol or get drugs from a medical professional? They don’t!!! But the judges need to !!! Why???

    All narcissist requirement laws safeguarding innocent people from their abuse!!! Why isn’t it happening???? Please make it happen!!!!

    Simply for everybodies info out there after my divorce, my ex hubby took our only automobile and packed up all his stuff and drove from Hurricane Utah thru Flagstaff AZ to go to MO. In Flagstaff a cops guy pulled him over for driving while intoxicated, however since he was on those pills I informed you all about and was the reason I had divorce him. He again had actually taken a lot of them, however when he took the breath analyzer test, he didn’t sign up for alcohol. The cops guy put him in prison on a 24 hour hold anyway and took our cars and truck. When he got out of prison he left the cars and truck in impound and took a bus the remainder of the way to Joplin MO. After he got to MO, the very first day he went house with a female he had actually never ever fulfilled previously, and when he got his first disability check he bought a old truck and the very first week he had it he trashed it into an utility pole. He got his license suspended, and as of today he is still trying to get his license back! He has actually got a lawyer and the judge is probably going to provide it to him!

    Like I said these narcissist people need to be stopped! They get away with these crimes and slip under the crackes since they understand they can!

    AZ let him go, but he lost our cars and truck and he didn’t need to pay anything for driving under the impact!

    In Joplin MO the judge is anticipated to let him drive again!

    This isn’t the first time he has actually trashed a vehicle while driving under the influence! When we first got married he damaged a truck, in AR he trashed my car, in FL he wrecked a car. That’s 5 cars total!!!

    He is still on tablets and drinking! Men enable other guys to do this! Guy allow guys to kill! If a lady did this they ‘d throw us in prison and throw the essential away! This has got to stop!!! The number of lives need to end due to the fact that of compulsive intoxicated motorists???

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