Every night when I lie down, I get pain and soreness in my …

  • Every night when I lie down, I get pain and soreness in my rib cage. It never hurts at any other time. Why? Why do my ribs hurt when I am lying down? I am in worse pain.

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    You try to sleep left side .ithink you have before spine problem? Any before you have fallen ?? If no ,are you thinking on one Subject continuosly? If yes ,listen a classical songs like Parveen sultana, Kumar gandharva.bheem Sen Joshi,etc and fastwslk on grass up till two months and without shoes breath walk at 5.30 am a pure oxygen u take drink lemon mixed hot water2 glass500ml early morning leave Tea say AUM vaibration daily with little sound in nature/.., in home, be happy keep mind fair be free like eagle in sky like breain happy ,happy think good development it may happened not happened

    Goto your doctor. Don’t assume anything. For example; I have pancreatitis running in my family and it doesn’t always present typically with symptoms. There could be a heart attack lurking around or gall stones causing pain. If Its not going to go away you better call the doc. Google doctor is the worse!

    may you all be healthy!


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    Yes u r in in the way to diagnosis u r problem even I felt the same pain in my rib cage later after certain diagnosis I got fever which last for more than 60days but the doctor was not capable to diagnosis my disease later after suffering from fever fortunately my disease was diagnosed it was plueral effusion u please take an chest x ray and visit to pulmonologist


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    Look into slipped rib syndrome it sounds like what you Amy have.

    Slipped Rib Syndrome, or SRS, occurs when rib cartilage weakens or is damaged. The rib drops and irritates the nerve under it. A new procedure invented by Adam Hansen, MD, WVU Heart and Vascular Institute cardiothoracic surgeon, gives SRS patients relief from the chronic, debilitating pain associated with the syndrome.

    Well I had the same issue with me.The disease causes pain once you take rest.you ll have morning stiffness and ll feel good as the day advances.

    I am not very sure.you please refer what is AS (anky losing spondlysis)and consult a physician.


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    Underneath your ribs on the right hand side is your liver. But of course your liver cannot twitch. Only muscles can twitch. So you are experiencing involuntary contractions of an underlying muscle: either the diaphragm or the abdominal muscles supporting the ribs and protecting your liver. A twitch of the diaphragm is called a hiccough. If you don´t hiccough, we are looking at the abs, most likely the external obliques.

    It is common that right-handed people have a fallen ribcage on the right side. It is part of the mechanical complex that allows hypermobility of the right arm. This hypermobility comes at the cost of the left arm, which gets hiked up and loses much mobility. But it also comes at the cost of the liver beneath, for the mechanical pressure of the costal margin of the right ribs pressing against it crowds the liver and distorts its structural integrity and therefore its function. This will eventually manifest as a medical problem with the liver, ranging from something as benign as Gilbert´s Sydrome, where the mechanical pressure is squeezing out too much bilirubin and interfering with metabolism, or as malignant as liver cancer once the organ has been strangulated of circulation for long enough.

    So IMO, you are experiencing spasms of a muscle or local grouping of muscles whose purpose is to support the bottom of the ribs like a pedestal. These spasms are a defense against mechanical pressure on the liver. The muscles are trying to wake up so that they may protect your organs, but their nerves are being badly compressed as they leave between unhealthy vertebrae and the muscles are not able to contract voluntarily. It may be decades before your liver is damaged to the point of medical illness, although it depends on the lifestyle you lead. The more sendentary your life, the more your ribcage will fall and the more vulnerable your liver will be to a sudden strain, like running for a bus or lifting a heavy weight, which may cause an acute reaction.

    The cure is not so simple as ´work your abs´, however. The nerves are compressed and at best you are probably capable of crooked situps that miss the mark or exacerbate the problem. I would start with slow and careful squats, especially a variation called the TVA squat, where your draw your stomach in as your rise, trying to keep your back straight (or against a wall to start). Make sure you keep your ribs high as you go through the motion. Anything that strengthens and aligns the spine will help release the trapped nerves and bring natural life back to the muscles you feel twitching. The abs respond very strongly to testosterone, which is why I suggest squats. Squats have an incredible capacity to connect our mind and our gonads. Be sure to carry through the motion from the forehead and rise from the crown. Our prefrontal cortex is the beginning of the chain of movement. Be sure to push equally through your left and right hips and carry through the left and right shoulders and jaw. Ultimately this is a question of left-right balance, the torque of imbalance due to handedness being the force trapping your nerves. Do some twisting at the waiste as a stretch. Generally get in shape. Even if my diagnosis is wrong, getting in shape is still surely the only treatment.

    Good luck!

    The answer is defintly your primary care physician. It’s his/her job to diagnose and treat you. If it is neccesseary, they may direct you to a specialist, and it really is part of their job to direct you the right one.

    It’s incredibly unressponsible to ask for medical opinions online. Your ailness may be every thing from a psychiatric issue to cancer, rheumatic Pathology or some benign costeochondritis. In other words, the kind of specialist that is best suited to treat you may be a psychiatrist, oncologist, rheumatologist or even no other than your primary care physician. To be clear, I’m not syaing that you have a serious illness such as cancer, I’m pointing out that we have to way of knowing what’s going on.

    From a diagnostic point of – we got nothing. There’s no description of age, gender, history of present illness, physical examiation etc’. For example, we have no idea when did it start, what aggravates it, if the pain radiate somewhere, and if you had such pain before. We have no idea if you had lost some weight lately, exsseive fatigue, trouble sleeping or night sweats. We have no idea if you have had some fever.

    We simply don’t know, even though costeochondritis is a decent possibilty (it’s very common in all age group).

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Most likely dehydration. You’ve got dry spots in your lungs that are rubbing against your ribcage when you breathe, causing irritation to the inside of the ribcage. To help you from the fast caused by sleep I would suggest two things that will help you hydrate throughout the day. One problem is the pH of your blood caused by the stomach acid sitting in your belly through 8 hours of sleep. You need to get alkaline in your blood stream first thing when you wake up every morning. First thing I do the moment I wake up (after I take a leak and splash my face with cold water) is I go outside and grab a lemon from my Meyer tree, and I make a tall glass of iced water with lemon and local wild honey. This counteracts the pH and will help you hydrate adequately throughout the day. Ever feel like you don’t hydrate enough? Do you drink water when you aren’t thirsty? No one does. Do this and you’ll thirst more as you should throughout the day. Last but not least, I eat a massive, healthy breakfast. BREAK the FAST – get in the habit, it quite literally is the most important meal of the day. Without it, your body and brain will work too hard and be out of whack to thirst as you should. Trust me, you need to eat first thing when you wake up. Believe it or not, skipping breakfast will work against your daily intake of H²O (You’ll thank me later)

    Personally I am a science graduate but not a Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. But, my grandfather was a TCM Sinseh.

    During my childhood, living with my TCM sinseh grandfather, I observed that tongue inspection is one of the procedures that my grandpa used to do on his patients. Apparently, the “excretion” via our tongue are clues to the functioning of some of our vital organs.

    If I am not wrong, even after you had cleaned 3 times, after some hours, those yellow thing would still reappear albeit not as intense as the initial 3 times before your cleanings.

    Nothing more I can say, just ironical that I never apprenticed under my Sinseh grandpa.

    This kind of knowledge is not available under modern medicine. So, wherever you are living, if you can have access to a real knowledgeable Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr, you can try to consult him to hear his diagnosis of your tongue, hence, your body conditions. I wish you good health!

    Don’t ask strangers on Quora. There are a number of things it could be, including a chest infection, digestive problems. muscle strain etc etc. It may be something quite minor but may be something that should be treated sooner rather than later.

    Don’t worry about it, but go and see a doctor who can examine you and give you a diagnosis after you have shown him/her exactly where the pain is and what brings it on. You may need treatment or a referral that only a doctor can give, and the sooner you can do that the better.

    The time to ask Quora is if you still have questions after seeing a doctor and getting a diagnosis (or a referral) and you would like to know more than a doctor can explain in a time-limited appointment.

    You might be suffering from gastric disorder creating surface tension in intercostal spaces of ribs,hurting you in the morning .

    Take, plenty of water to dilute acid in stomach to ease gastric pressure on chest, preventing constipation.

    Go for meditation to reduce stress being one of the vital reasons of gastritis in order to nourish your whole digestive system.

    Your diet be easily digestible on time to avoid gastric disorder.

    Go for a walk in the morning for 30 mnts to regulate your blood circulation strengthening your digestive track.

    Tk, homoeopathic medicines, underlying:

    # Ranunculus bulb 200ch-5 drops, thrice/daily, Orally

    # China off 30ch-5 drops ,thrice/ daily,orally.

    Avoid, junk food, alcohol and nicotine.

    Tk, care.

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