Have you tried cannabis Edibles? Was it worth it?

  • I make edibles commercially and at home. I have been kitchen and packaging staff for licensed edibles manufacturing for a few years. I have tried every commercial edible that the State of California has offered north to south since around 2010 commercially and am good friends with many cannabis chefs who have made me all sorts of incredible edibles. I have also entered my own edibles in Emerald Cup. I have worked in extraction at companies that sell distillate to edibles companies. I know edibles manufacturing at the compliant level in terms of production, packaging, distribution, and sales.

    I am also just beginning to feel the onset of a 40mg edible that I made with terpene infused distillate.

    Edibles have changed my life.

    They allow me to sleep peacefully every night. They help me to get my ego out of the way. They help me to take long sighs and relax after a tough or exhausting day.

    They make me calmer. They help me smile more. They calm my brain down which in turn changes the energy all around me because when I am calmer, so are my wife and housemates. They allow me to focus more.

    I like edibles because they are discrete, potent, consistent if made and used correctly, and not harmful to the body if they are not made of poor ingredients.

    Some people are extremely sensitive to edibles. Their genetics are different than mine. After consuming the smallest amount they may feel like they are drifting out of their bodies, dieing, nauseated, or have turned into stone statues at the table or couch.

    I myself from time to time overdo it with edibles while making new recipes and when it happens it is awfully uncomfortable. I have puked multiple times. I know to go lay down, take some CBD and it will all be over soon enough.

    I would like to tell you about a very special cannabinoid.

    11-OH-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated 11-OH-THC) is one of the most interesting if not the most interesting for me.

    Why? First it is highly psychoactive but second – it does not naturally exist in the cannabis plant. What you say? That is correct: it is formed in our bodies during digestion on it’sway through the liver.

    We all know that edibles give a different type of high than smoking. Here is why:

    After THC is ingested your GI tract has an enzyme in it that gets to work trying to convert it into other molecules to get it out of your body. These other molecules when they make it to the liver are called metabolites. Most of the time these other metabolites are more mellow than their parent molecules(in this case regular old THC before it was metabolized i.e converted to be eliminated from your body.

    What is especially interesting about THC metabolites is that their levels in your body can be more than 10 times higher if you take cannabis in an edible form rather than inhalation methods like smoking or vaping.

    So why do edibles form so much more ll hydroxy? Well there is a science behind it all that I will briefly explain and give you all the info to go deeper on if you wish to.

    1. We have drug metabolizing enzymes present in our GI tract that sit there digesting that cannabis gummy into 11-OH-THC
    2. Blood flow from our gi tract goes to the liver first before entering general circulation (first pass metabolism) thus one more chance for 11-OH in high quantities.

    How do you compare that with smoking it you ask?

    When you smoke weed THC is absorbed directly through the lungs where little metabolism takes place. The THC quickly distributes to other body tissues and only a small fraction of it remains in the blood. The THC that remains in your blood is available to go to your liver and be converted, however the larger fraction in other tissues is not metabolized and so not very much 11-OH is formed.

    There are a lot of studies that have been done since the 70’s on THC vs 11-OH-THC and it does seem to be that 11OH is more potent. Some people claim up to 10x more potent than THC. I haven’t seen conclusive evidence as to how true that is. A lot of studies do point to evidence that 11-OH is more psychadelic than THC but you have to factor in that all these highs we experience are a mixture of both 11-OH and THC anyway so it seems hard to be super scientifically accurate on this at this point in research. We do know that 11-OH gets through the blood brain barrier faster than THC so there is that to consider.

    Inside you there are enzymes waiting to digest your cannabis so let them get to work in a safe and responsible way! Less is possibly up to 10x more so be cautious and start with small amounts. Wait up to 120 minutes before considering consuming more. Give it time to digest well. Everybody’s body is different so get to know yours well. Genetics play a major role in how fast these things are metabolized at what amount. Have a good time and take care.

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