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  • Image source: The Problem Are Sugar And Starchy Foods – Medical Articles by Dr. Ray

    Sugar is triggering special needs and death to a much greater degree than the majority of people are aware of: a recent study pointed out that around the world 184,000 deaths each year are attributable to sugar-sweetened beverage usage; amongst those there are 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease and 6,450 deaths from cancers. Those individuals who established impairments from strokes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and extreme arthritis measured 8.5 million disability-adjusted life years throughout the world and were connected to sugar-sweetened drinks. 4.5%of these were from diabetes that was connected to sugar-sweetened drinks.

    These data are only regarding sugar-sweetened beverages! This does not consider mortality from sugar in processed foods, in cookies, cakes and candies. It also does not take into account starchy foods like pasta, bread, bagels, white rice etc. that are all digested by amylase in the mouth and in the gut to turn into sugar within half an hour of consuming them.

    In the following I like to offer a summary of what sugar does to our system.

    History of sugar production

    The preliminary production of refined sugar was established in India as this evaluation of the history of sugar programs.

    In Terrific Britain the usage of sugar was 4 pounds per person each year in 1700; it increased to 18 pounds per year in 1800, to 36 pounds annually by 1850 and over 100 pounds annually by the twentieth century. Comparable figures hold true for the United States and in all developed countries. In 1747 the German chemist Andreas Marggraf determined sucrose in beet root. Ever since technology was established to draw out sugar from the beet root, which was less expensive to do than extracting it from sugar walking cane. Both methods are in use today. In addition high-fructose corn syrup has been developed in 1970 and it replaces sugar in lots of usages, for instance in sodas and in processed foods.

    Overall we are exposed to sugar in all disguises, such as sugar-sweetened beverages, candies, sweetened yogurt that is sold as “healthy”, power bars that are sugar loaded and a lot more.

    Effect of sugar on our bodies

    1. Diabetes

    As already pointed out above the typical sugar consumption has increased from 4 pounds per person in 1700 to above 100 pounds per person in our time. Our bad pancreas needs to deal with this extra concern of sugar and if it can’t, we get diabetes. The CDC states that in 2008 there were 8 cases of new type 2 diabetes cases per 1000 people in the United States. The CDC projects that in 2050 this number will likely increase to 15 new cases of type 2 diabetes per 1000 individuals.

    This shows you that the capacity of the human pancreas is restricted. There is a snapping point concerning our insulin production. The insulin production has a limitation, due to the fact that the insulin producing cells in the pancreas can only produce a minimal amount of this sugar-clearing hormone. When this point is reached the person is said to have established diabetes. Diabetes triggers cardiac arrest, strokes, kidney failure, blindness and blood circulation problems in the legs resulting in amputations.

    2. Cardiovascular disease

    Diabetes is not the only issue that sugar triggers. Our cardiovascular system is suffering because sugar makes the liver produce more LDL cholesterol that gets oxidized by sugar; the triglycerides are increasing too with ongoing sugar intake and with excessive sugar intake there is excessive weight accumulation triggering type 2 diabetes. This causes more lipids in the arterial walls, called arteriosclerosis. Completion results are heart attacks and strokes.

    3. Cancer

    It may not be obvious how sugar intake can lead to cancer. However sugar has actually been discovered to oxidize tissues and at the same time produce unsafe complimentary radicals. This causes chronic inflammation leading to mutations in the DNA of cells and weakening of the body immune system. This will in time cause cancer. Many cancer researchers have examined this in detail in the last decades.

    4. Brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s illness

    Sugar overconsumption has actually been found to be one essential consider the development of Alzheimer’s illness, which is associated with the development of brain atrophy. Brain atrophy is just the mirror lesion in the brain that originates from hardening of the arteries. Brain atrophy establishes when inadequate nutrients and oxygen reach your brain cells. Part of the brain surface area dies off and memory cells are lost. The end outcome is dementia or Alzheimer’s.

    5. Arthritis can originate from sugar overconsumption

    Arthritis often is due to over consumption of processed foods including sugar products. Dr. Hoffer has actually established a basic supplementation for arthritis that will reverse the metabolic modifications that are associated with arthritis. You need to switch to a Mediterranean diet plan without sugar and starchy foods, if you desire to experience relief from your arthritis symptoms.

    6. Low fat diet plan not valuable to lower cardiovascular disease rates

    The low fat diet plan that was popular in the 1980’s up until the early 2000’s did not help reducing heart attacks.

    The low fat diet plan was laden with sugar, suggesting that it was a low fat, high carb diet plan, and all of the problems I described above with weight gain, high LDL, high triglycerides and the development of diabetes triggered more cardiovascular disease and strokes. The real service to preventing weight problems and reducing cardiovascular disease and strokes is to utilize a low carb/low to medium fat diet plan like the Mediterranean diet plan.

    7. We require our muscles in older age

    When we eat a lot of carbohydrates from chocolate, sweet, donuts and pasta there is not enough quality protein in our food to feed our muscles. If this is integrated with an absence of exercise we are in double problem of having flaccid muscles. This results in falls and fractures, however is completely avoidable by eating a proper diet plan and working out routinely.

    8. ADHD can be sustained by sugar

    With ADHD sugar and gluten sensitivity may belong to the problem. It is necessary to figure out nutritional elements by going through a removal diet plan. Typically our Western style diet (sugar and fat rich) is making things worse for the kid with ADHD.

    Apart from other measures avoiding sugar is very important for the ADHD client.

    9. Persistent swelling

    What triggers chronic swelling in the body and is responsible for both hardening of the arteries as well as arthritis? If you guessed sugar consumption, you guessed.

    This concept is among the most significant new things in the 21 st century. The research study goes back to the mid-nineties and culminated in the detection of an inflammatory marker, the C-reactive protein (CRP). The CRP level can now be used as a readily available blood test to identify inflammation in the body. Typically this test will be positive in patients with arthritis, autoimmune illness and cancer.

    10 Weight Problems

    Processed food contains wheat and sugar. The issue is that the high gliadin concentration in the Clearfield variety of wheat makes individuals addicted to food and sugar makes them put on weight. This is the reason for the obesity and diabetes wave. The solution is to eliminate all wheat and sugar along with starchy foods. Change to a Mediterranean diet plan without sugar and starchy foods.

    11 Pimples and acne

    Who would have believed that acne could originate from a combination of sugar and milk items? Careful epidemiological studies have actually revealed that in some areas of Africa, Brazil and Japan teens who consume the regional food do not get acne, but when they switch to a Western style diet plan they come down with acne.

    12 Dental caries from too much sugar

    Gum infections and severe dental caries were discovered in the 1990’s to trigger swelling in the blood, which can be determined by using the C-reactive protein (CRP). Streptococcus viridans, a bacterium that occupies gums and teeth can cause subacute endocarditis, an unsafe contagious illness of the heart valves, which can be accountable for sudden death in younger persons. There are other germs in the mouth that feed upon sugar that we eat, especially if we do not brush and floss our teeth regularly. This indicates there is double problem: Sugar triggers cavities and gum illness, however also triggers cardiovascular disease and heart valve infections.


    You can see from this summary that excess sugar consumption is maybe much even worse than you believed. It is a perilous unfavorable force that can strike you through diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and even with cancer and more. The less refined sugar you consume, the better off you are.

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