How many drops of CBD oil should I take each dose?

  • How many drops of CBD oil should I take each dose?

    There are a lot of factors when taking CBD oil that you need to be asking when buying CBD oil. Asking online at Quora is a rough place to find help with what you are asking, we can’t see your bottle, we have no idea of the quality of the CBD product it is, nor do we know how much THC is in the product as well and that matters!

    What kind of CBD oil is it? How much THC is in it? If it does not have THC, then no amount of the CBD product will have a limited effect on your condition. It may help with inflammation but it will not do much else (like an antioxidant). So for starters, if you are going to ask us how much to take, you’ll need to provide some information. What does the bottle say? So, if you want to, you can tell us more and we might have a better idea of how much to take.

    Another option: call the manufacturer and ask them! Most CBD products are made specifically with a ‘goal in mind’. Either to help with pain, etc. The THC needs to be at least a 3% load in order to activate the CBD and to help it move into the endocannabinoid system. I would be happy to say more, but I really would need to know more of what you are taking (and you should know as well, btw, and know what STRAIN it was developed from, because that matters as well). I also need to mention that your oil could also have been created by isolates which will change how you take it, how often and has a very distinct difference than a whole plant distilled drops because of the lack of buffers that exist in the whole plant itself. Here’s one short article to help you understand the small problem with CBD only medication: Why CBD Is Not Enough: The Entourage Effect – MassRoots and if you want to know more, may I HIGHLY suggest you tubing Raphael Mechoulam, which I am sharing now one of his videos on Medical Cannabis.


    With many options for CBD available, it can be confusing to determine which one is best for you. While CBD products can come in a variety of forms, sizes, and brands, the goal of each is the same; to get the best dosage of cannabidiol. The difference between our 3 different CBD options comes down mainly to potency; the larger the number, the more cannabidiol in each dropper.

    CBDPure 300

    For those just starting out, CBDPure 300 provides an economical way to experience first-hand the effects of taking CBD. Each 2-ounce bottle provides a minimum of 300 Milligrams of natural cannabidiol, delivering 10 milligrams to your system with each daily ½ dropper of oil.

    CBDPure 600

    For those looking for more bang-for-the-buck, our CBDPure 600 provides twice the dosage of CBD of our CBDPure 300 option, also in a 2-ounce bottle. Providing over 20 milligrams of concentrated CBD with each daily dose, it provides a more powerful option for users looking to get more from the CBD oil they are using. The CBDPure 600 is our most popular option of our line of CBD oils.

    CBDPure 1000

    CBDPure 1000 is our strongest and most concentrated oral oil available. Like our other oil options, it uses full-spectrum oil in a hemp carrier oil base, but at the highest concentration possible while still maintaining compliance with industrial hemp rules governing maximum cannabinoid content. CBDPure 1000 provides over 33 milligrams of daily cannabidiol to your body. CBDPure 1000 is our most potent oil, formulated to serve the needs of customers who need the greatest concentration of CBD in each daily dose. More details and ordering details here :

    The answer to this really depends on what your optimum dose will be and the method you are using to take CBD (oil, gummies, vape etc.).

    Different methods will have varying quantities of CBD, although the product should be able to give you a approximate on the doses available.

    To really calculate the right dose for you really depends on your weight, outcome you’re looking to achieve, individual body chemistry, concentration of CBD you’re taking.

    My best advice would be to start small and slowly increase until you reach your desired effect. For a more technical guide, I’d recommend checking out this guide on how to take CBD.

    Hope this helps! Please let me know if you’ve got any questions.

    CBD oil shouldn’t have any or very very little THC. In fact its not suppose to be sold if it was more than .1% as CBD oil (in states that hasn’t seen the light yet). As far as dosage, it really depends on you. Everyones body is different. I would try starting with 3 drops under the tongue and see what happens. It also depends on the mg/ml. Just be careful. Take too much and you might put yourself to sleep.


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    That greatly depends on the concentration of the product. That being said, a standard dose would be anywhere from 25 to 50 mg so you would need to do the math for yourself. There is also no upper limit to how much CBD oil you can take. Depending on what you are taking it for you might need a higher dose to get the desired results.

    Usually 1/2 dropper in am & pm


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