How much weed does it take to get 1 gram of oil?

  • It varies by how much oil the plant produced. I’d say with a 1/4 ounce of medium to premium grade cannabis, maybe more depending on your extraction method, you will get at least a gram or more of oil.

    I’ve gotten as much as 12grams (or more!) of coconut-cannabis oil from about 1/4 ounce of flower, with coconut oil and a slow cooking method extraction using a crock-pot.

    You can look up great information, including recipes and directions for the different kinds of extraction methods. Good luck!!

    This relies upon the actual pot and assuming that there is a ton of oil to be had, just as the nature of the resulting oil. The more stuff in the oil, the more it will gauge. The extraction technique additionally assumes a part in the result.

    In case things are great, normal returns are around 20-25% on the blossom to the quality oil change, and it would take 4 to 5 grams of bloom to create a gram of oil.

    There is a website called Weedsly which is delivering THC oil all over the United States.

    That is really not specific enough.

    Quality of oil and thc and related compounds will dictate quantity . there is a MASSIVE amount of misinformation in the industry.

    a few answers ago one person said about 4 to 5 grams. that is reasonable estimate for a reasonable quality of oil made from good bud .

    the more purification , the less product of a higher quality you will end up with.

    the highest levels of purification you will end up with about 2 to 3% of starting bud weight. This would be a 95 to 99% Thc product completely stripped of all other compounds including terpenes and colour. This is used t


    Depends on quality of the weed. Gotten a bit over 5 grams once, From some, Grandadeee purp. I never got quite that return again, but every time I do cook some. I give great care thought to not only dosing, but placement of my ass, where I’m going to be in about 10–12 hrs. And it’s gonna be home. I would not want to be out taking care of anything that mattered

    I blast ounces and average between 3.5 and 6 grams of shatter. Thats roughly between 12% and 21% yeild. Assuming you yield 15% you would get just over a gram of oil from 7 grams of bud.

    This depends on the cannabis itself, and if there is a lot of oil to be had, as well as the quality of the output oil. The more stuff in the oil, the more it will weigh. Extraction method also plays a role in the output.

    If things are ideal, average returns are about 20-25% on the flower to quality oil conversion, and it would take 4 to 5 grams of flower to produce a gram of oil.

    It all depends on the levels of the different levels of thc thcv cbd cbn terpins and other parts also if you do a quick wash or let it sit a little longer. Have you ever seen green oil it’s pulled chlorophyll out of the weed I believe so it’s not as simple as how much weed it takes. Your best bet is to buy it if you have never made it or have some one show you or you can burn yourself your house or someone else’s down if not careful also you can be charged with manufacturing a controlled substance so make sure you clean up anything you use and dispose of any ISO containers atleast in Canada no


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    A full oz of weed has 28 grams

    1/7th of 28 is 4

    I’ve never heard the term 7th but the terms, eighth, quarter, and half are very common measurements and refer to 3.5g, 7g, and 14g respectively.

    I’m going to give you a short, direct answer and then back up my calculation with the ongoing caveat of “it depends.”

    Short answer: roughly 220 grams (7.7 ounces) of cannabis plant material would normally make 1 ounce of cannabis oil.

    The simple math I used was based on a 13% yield (0.13):

    1 ounce / 0.13 = 7.7 ounces. I noticed you asked how much cannabis to MAKE an ounce of oil, vs how much oil does an ounce of cannabis produce. If you wanted to see how much oil you get FROM an ounce of cannabis the equation using a 13% yield assumption is simply 1 0.13 = 0.13 ounces.

    Now some background. Like


    Why half an ounce? I normally sell my beeswax by the ounce. It has been cleaned up and I try to just use the honey cappings rather then the wax from the brood comb which is much darker and d…

    Question answered: How much weed is too much weed to smoke?

    This would vary from person to person of course.

    If you have a medical condition that responds positively to smoking pot, then use it as often as you need to. Being high is better than suffering from a medical condition.

    But unless you have any number of ailments that respond favorably to smoking marijuana, there really should be some limits on the amount you consume on a daily basis.

    For casual and recreational users, using one gram per day should suffice. That’s usually enough to get high three or four times. One gram is equal to about


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