How severe is a grade 3 fatty liver?

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    I would like to share my experience. In October 2021 I was diagnosed with grade 3 fatty liver. I was so worried as I used to see reviews on different sites that it’s very complicated stage. So I started my journey of weight lose and again after 1 month I am on the same track of eating and drinking outside. On January 2022 i started felt pain in my abdomen. So I consult doctor he said please loose your weight and hope for the best result. In just 50 days i lost 14 kg as I weighed around 119 kg . On 16 Feb ultrasound has been done again now it’s showing grade 1 and hopefully after 2 month it’s going to be normal. So I would like to tell everyone that don’t be scared . Eat well maintained diet and do exercise atleast for an hour and everything will be fine. Rest is upto god.

    During stage 3, fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity. Clinical symptoms become obvious, including weight loss, yellowing skin, fatigue, and confusion. Cirrhosis has become irreversible.

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    Hepatomegaly with fatty liver grade 3 is the sonography assessment of the liver.

    Just like you don’t judge a book by its cover, you cant judge the liver purely on basis of sonography.

    Unfortunately, the sonographic grading (grade 3 in this case) does not correspond to the actual severity.

    It takes a corroboration of clinical findings, biochemical tests like LFT, sonography and in some cases special tests to get the complete picture.

    Consult with a Hepatologist.

    Yes, Grade 3 fatty liver is severe state of the disease and interferes with the functioning of the liver. Apart from cutting down alcohol and smoking, avoid fatty foods, red meat products, milk or milk products, and industrial cooking vegetable oils should be replaced with cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and sunflower oil. Increase intake of wholesome foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Liver protective herbs like Punarnava, Bhringraj, Kumari, Katuki and Bhumiamalaki can be consumed in equal proportion at dose of 2-3 gms twice daily.

    Thanks for the A2A

    Simply speaking, grades of fatty liver merely depict how bright the liver looks on ultrasound. (Fat appears bright)

    This grading only depicts the amount of fat accumulated in the liver. While this is important information, it would be wrong to read too much into it.

    The functioning of the liver has got no relationship with the fat content.

    Detection of fatty liver is an early warning system– a wake up call, if you may. The body is ingesting/creating too much fat and depositing it in organs where it shouldn’t. This fat incites inflammation within the liver, which can finally result into fibrosis/cirrhosis/liver cancer. However, the chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular complications (heart attack, stroke, angina) are even higher.

    So, to answer your question- Fatty liver grade 3 itself is not very serious. However, it has the potential to cause some damage.

    That said, fatty liver per se is quite reversible. For most cases, lifestyle changes are all that is required- stop alcohol, reduce caloric intake, and start exercising. The fat gets consumed.

    Easier said than done, I know!

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    It is pretty bad, but reversible.

    Grade 3 fatty liver means that you are just before the state where the liver can’t handle anymore and start dying.

    You liver is still there and doing it’s job, but please work hard to get your liver back to normal. The next state is liver scaring and from that there is no turning back and it can end with liver cirrhosis.

    Get help to follow a diet, where you mainly eat stuff that is not hard on the liver. You doctor can help you with that.

    Grade 3 (severe): Fat cells comprise more than 66% of the liver’s overall weight. Diagnosed at stage 3, the 1-year survival rate is 80%. It’s during stage 3 that a liver transplant may be recommended. There’s always a risk a person’s body will reject the transplant, but if accepted, 80% of transplant patients survive more than 5 years past their operation.

    Grade 3 (severe): Fat cells comprise more than 66% of the liver’s overall weight. Conclusion. Steatosis can be reversed in a short duration by aggressive life style modifications in highly motivated liver donors.

    That’s like asking “How bad is a stubbed toe?” GROW A PAIR

    • Grade 3 fatty infiltration of liver is SEVERE.
    • Most investigators in the field of fatty liver disease require that <20 g/d of alcohol be consumed to exclude alcoholic liver disease.
    • Identifiation of causes

      [Laboratory testing for other liver diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, Hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, Alfa 1 antitrypsin levels, and autoimmune Hepatitis determined]

      are very important for adequate treatment.
    • Severe hepatitis and cirrhosis are potentially life threatening (in both long run and short run) complications.
    • Up to 30–40% of NASH patients can develop advanced fibrosis, with cirrhosis being identified in 10–15% of individuals.

    Grade 3 fatty liver, two types alcoholic or nonalcoholic. As far as serious that has to be determined by blood tests, no standard answer. See your doctor.

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