How strong is a 10mg THC gummy compared to an average …

  • How strong is a 10mg THC gummy compared to an average joint of marijuana?

    The average joint contains about a third of a gram of cannabis. This is about 333 mg. Typically, anywhere from 10% to 20% of cannabis consists of THC. This means the average joint contains anywhere from 33 mg to 66 mg of THC. Let’s cut that in half and say the average joint contains about 50 mg of THC. A certain percentage of that will be destroyed by heat (pyrolysis) and an even bigger percentage of that will go off in sidestream smoke. Overall, only about 20% to 37% actually gets inhaled into your lungs. Lets say about 25% of the THC actually gets inhaled. That means about 12.5 mg of THC actually gets inhaled into the lungs when you smoke an entire joint. Even if we assume 100% of the inhaled THC actually makes it into the bloodstream (I highly doubt that’s the case), that means 12.5 mg of THC will be coursing through your veins after smoking an entire joint.

    On the other hand, if you consume an gummy with 10 mg of THC in it, about 70% to 80% will make it into the bloodstream (it must pass through your digestive system and be processed by your liver to get there). If we assume 75% of the THC will get into your bloodstream, that means you’ll have about 7.5 mg of THC coursing through your veins after eating the gummy.

    If you just compare numbers, you can say the average joint would get you a little under twice as high as a 10 mg edible. However, the high I get from an edible is always far more intense (more akin to a psychedelic acid trip), so for me this comparison isn’t really applicable, in my opinion. Hope this helps.

    10 mg is the maximum dose per gummy allowed in Canada and is enough for all but the most tolerant consumer to get pretty baked. ESPECIALLY in the gram for gram equivalent of raw cannabis which is processed FAR differently by your bloodstream than an edible does via your stomach, intestinal tract and liver.

    Edibles often take longer to kick in but metabolize much slower and more consistently so if you aren’t used to them ,you’ll think they didn’t work. That is until they worked too well…

    Aka don’t plan on doing anything remotely requiring anything near sobriety for an average of 6–8 hours unlike a smoker high which often lasts only an hour or two before rapidly dissipating.

    In all the hyperbolic stories of “THC overdoses” I’ve seen/read the story is almost always the same. They took some, didn’t think it worked, took more then it ALL worked too well and then they panicked.

    I only had ONE experience just like that on my first trip to the USA and I bought a brownie and a bottle of lemonade from an dispensary for the trip… One of these two edibles was powerful enough for a full-sized adult male ALONE never mind together as one “sweet treat.”

    Let’s just say I didn’t get a wink of sleep for 12 hours and was up all night thinking I was going to die in a dingy extended stay off the I-5 in Tukwila of a heart attack… alone and underinsured for such an emergency. Finally after a good long nap I woke up feeling refreshed, NORMAL and ready to get on the train and hit the town sans such nutty ideas…

    Just an anecdotal glimpse of edibles I know but a very common one nonetheless…

    I would say that the 10mg gummy would not be as intense as smoking an entire joint of average size and quality. That is for me, however…Ed keep reading to find out why results may vary. Edibles are a different high from smoking. With a joint, you get the “full spectrum” high…. with both CBD and THC effecting yoyou. The high is immediate…quite strong, and fades within a couple hours. They do make edibles that are “full spectrum”, but you also get the “THC only” gummies. I will assume that is what you are referring to here. With the “THC only” gummies…. the high can be a very intense “head high”, very cerebral. It seems to unlock your imagination, instill a sense of euphoria, increased sexual pleasure, but can create a feeling of “pressure” behind the eyes. Too much is something altogether different, with people feeling paranoid, thought racing, heart palpitating, feeling extremely agitated and over-stimulated. Depending on your personality, default mental state, surroundings, and dosage… this can be a little too intense for some people. 10mg for one person may be an intense hugh, while 10mg for others may be almost no effect. It isn’t a bad dosage to start with if you are completely new to edibles. But the Golden rule is to wait at least an hour before taking any more…an. as it takes a while for the effects to start to be felt. Just be aware that often the first few times you take edibles, there may be little to no effect…. then subsequent exposures may suddenly start to yield much stronger effects. This makes getting into edibles a bit of a process…. not something to think you are going to jump into and immediately be able to control 100%.

    It is a tolerance and phsiology thing for sure.

    10mg gummies do not cut it for me. I use them for cramps and gut issues. I usually put 4 oz of buds into 3 cups of coco oil (Ardent FX) and then i will make 85 gummies with 1 cup of oil (usually 50 to 60mg of thc).

    I will take 4 of those to take the edge off my guts.

    But i find it a pleasant fuzzy warmth… I love it!

    But its not for everyone. I gave one to a friend and said cut it in 4…eat 1/4.

    he ate half of a candy (25 to 30mg) and had a horrible time staring at his ceiling all paranoid…your mileage will always varry.

    Edibles give me the best delivery system for my meds. I use a vape too but edibles last longer…

    10mg is the strongest by law candy or gummy in Canada because people will eat a 500mg bar if its for sale…to show they can.

    I have made 1200mg brownies too…those came in HOT mayday mayday but I never freak out because i know how it works. I have a lot of experience in how my body can handle a THC edible and i have tolerance issues.

    the frosting was infused caramel… I cut those in 4 and they worked for hours.

    It is why i grow a lot of personal medical… gummies….tinctures….ahhhh relief!

    When you take edibles, your body metabolizes the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is 10x more agonistic towards CB1 receptors in the brain. Therefor, ingesting 10mg of THC would be roughly equivalent to smoking 100mg. Given that the average .75–1g joint has roughly 100–200mg, much of which is destroyed by heat and lost in smoke, someone with a lower tolerance would probably get the same effect from a 10mg edible as 1 or 2 joints.


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    Joints can range from 1/4 gram to 1 gram, more or less, and the THC content of the cannabis varies also. But, assuming a 1/2-gram joint of 20% THC weed, that’s 100 mg of THC, or ten edibles. However, some of the THC in a joint will be lost as sidestream smoke, and edibles affect you differently, so any comparison is only approximate.

    One 10mg edible is a good dose for the occasional cannabis user. First-timers might be more comfortable with half of one, and some heavy users will go for 10 of them. Also, the high from edibles comes on more slowly and lasts longer than the high from smoking.


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    in pure thc figures its about one third of a joint but that’s misleading because you get high from joints by absorbing the thc directly into your blood stream through your lungs whereas gummies have to be digested, but a normal joint is about a third of a gram of 333mg and weed is usually between 10% and 20% thc by weight (it can go higher but that’s the normal range) so a joint would have between 33mg and 66mg of thc


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    10mg is what we consider a ‘standard dose’ here in the Canadian Recreational Cannabis Industry. In reality a 10mg is enough for an entry level user and thats it. But in an effort to limit the dangers of Children consuming edibles the government of Canada decided to keep the dosage per unit at 10mg.

    There is a review happening this month to determine the current state of cannabis affairs in the legal market, words around that they are talking about bumping up the mg limit to 25mg/per unit.

    Also, as an alternative for a faster/stronger type of edible try a beverage. In specfic the deep space are 10mg options. Where they are water soluble they hit you in about 15–20 minutes instead of the traditional 1–2 hours. They do also hit a little harder… for an extra spike add a T-god infuser into the mix.

    As a summary, 10mg is a standard dose. I myself typically don’t mess with too many edibles, but as a reference i spent 60$ the day they became legal on 5 different types and never caught a buzz when i ate them all, not to mention the amount of food that was consumed.

    It really depends if you smoke marijuana with higher thc then the gummy will probably only do a tenth of what the joint does. The only time a 10mg thc edible would be better than a joint is if you smoke marijuana with high Cbd content. In that case though it might be a little too much depending on your tolerance!! I hope this helps!


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    I haven’t smoked in 3 years and didn’t understand that a nerds rope was 400mg of thc or what that even meant so I ate half of it and was higher than Shaq’s ass for 24 hours at some point it was very uncontrollable because I felt like I was on some kind of Acid trip So that’s not something I will ever do again wild ride is exactly what it was lol


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    Oh my god you took wayyyyyyy too much. I’m sorry, if you haven’t been high before or you’re new. You’re fucked. Good luck.


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    There is no need to refrigerate CBD gummies. You can store them in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. The more information you can get about CBD gummies by visiting this site —

    CBD gummies are undoubtedly one of the top CBD food products in the cannabis sector. It is a great and delicious way to consume CBD and is very popular with consumers.

    For products to be legal, the THC content must not exceed 0.3% THC. These are just trace amounts and not enough to give you a high. But still, be careful if you are about to get tested for drugs – there is a slight chance that the test will detect THC, especially if you are taking too many foods containing CBD. Even though CBD gummies are derived from hemp extract and not marijuana, so they are legal. This is why they are sometimes called hemp gummies.

    Assuming you shall be dining alone? That’s a mighty snack! I look at about 10 mg as a nice high for the dose.

    Remember the rule: you can always eat more, but if you melt on the floor unconscious, there you’ll be.

    Also: plan transportation or sleeping quarters. Seriously. Even with a nibble of “just” 10 mg. Edibles are such a sneaky thing how they creep up on you (not in any diabolical way) but just because it has to go through the digestive tract to receive the THC. A dose can hang with you for maybe six hours, give or take your metabolism. Think of it as a play day.

    Thanks for reading my opinion.

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