How to change the color of one word in HTML

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    I would surround the word(s) with a -element and give the element a class.

    This is a red word in a sentence

    Then set the text color in CSS.

    1. .redText 
    2. { 
    3. color: red; 
    4. } 

    If you don’t have acces to CSS then you have to use in-line style in HTML.

    This is a red word in a sentence

    Personally I don’t recommend in-line styles because they are more laborious to change afterwards than CSS styles based on a class name.

    I hope it helps :))


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    Or you may want to use CSS classes instead:


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    Use ‘span’ tag in your HTML code.

    Consider the following sample code:

    I am a word in a sentence and my color is blue

    Here, the span tag will only span upto the text: ‘word’ (without single quote) and will change the color to blue.

    Happy CODING !!! 🙂

    There are two general reasons in changing the color of one word in a content:

    1. Semantics
    2. Aesthetics

    The first step involves only HTML, no CSS yet.


    If the word you’re pertaining to is an emphasized word, mark it up first with which stands for Emphasis HTML element.


    If the word you’re pertaining to simply needs to “pop out” for visual design reasons, mark it up with which stands for Span HTML element.

    It doesn’t have any particular meaning other than you are setting up a hook (for additional HTML element attributes or for styling purposes) on that particular word that you’ve marked up with .

    Now, you could go to CSS and select that particular word for styling.

    em { color: red; }


    span { color: red; }

    These are the easiest ways to change the color of one word in an HTML document:

    • Mark it up (HTML)
    • Style it up (CSS)

    Wrap that word in a span

    this is a sentence

    You can change any color in HTML but you shouldn’t.

    You should do it in a CSS stylesheet. That’s what it is made for.

    In HTML you wrap the word with a tag like give the tag a class and in the css stylesheet give to the class a color attribute. Example:


    1. I like red color



    1. .special-word { 
    2. color: red; 
    3. } 

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    Three simple ways to change the colour to red with html using the font tag:

    • word
    • word
    • word

    I see most of the answers are already recommending good practices: do not think about “changing just one word’s color”, create a span and a color style to go with it.

    After all, how common is it really that you will want to change only one word like that? Usually, you will find yourself wanting to make a very similar change later to other words. That is when you will wish you had followed the recommended approach.

    Now what these answers did not all tell you is where to keep this style declaration. You can get away with an inline style, but again, that is the short-sighted solution. You should put it in a separate CSS file. And even after you do that, you may find you want to move it to another; but at least you will already have it in a separate file, which in the long run makes it easier to manage.

    Several other answers specify that 24 bits yields 16,777,216 colors in RGB. For those unfamiliar with bits:

    8 bits for green = 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 256

    8 bits for red = 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 256

    8 bits for blue = 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 256

    These are the 3 primary colors of a screen pixel – each having 256 values from off to full brightness.

    Every combination of these values equals 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216

    Which also equals 2 to the 24th power, hence the 24 bits.

    change the color of one word I Suggest you can use inline CSS in this code you can use change the color of one word you can use another color that you want


    I would wrap that word with a tag name span and will give it a class .

    code : –

    HTML code : –

    </span></p><p><span>change color

    this is the word that is requiredfor me.

    Css code : –

    Case 1: – inline

    Here we will use the style attribute : –

    this is the word that isrequiredfor me

    so the output of the web page is the word required will have a color red .

    Case 2:Internal

    Here we will use style tag