How to die without a trace and pain

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    Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

    I’m going to assume that you already have gotten the spiel about suicide being bad, so I’m just going to answer your question.

    Without a trace, as in, with no one finding you? That’s hard these days, with technology. But without pain? Helium. Just hook a helium tank to a plastic trash bag, cinch it around your neck and over your head, leave a little room at the bottom for helium outflow, turn it on, and wait. You’ll pass out without the nasty asphyxiation feeling of having too much CO2 in your body (because you’re breathing it out, just not intaking any oxygen). If I recall, this is how euthanasia works.

    Drive into North Korea. Wave a USA flag so that you are arrested. Call Kim John Unnnnnnnnnnnn a big fat bastard. Ask for one last favor: To be tied to his Hydrogen Bomb.

    In my early 20s, I nearly died from blood loss due to a ruptured artery. And I don’t say “almost died” lightly—it was a close call. My parents can’t even talk about it.

    Dying from blood loss is not painful per se. It’s just crazy how weak you become. I got to the hospital and was immediately taken into surgery. They had me sit up from my wheelchair and into the rolling table to take me to surgery.

    That simple movement made my heart beat as if I’d just run a really fast sprint up a huge hill while carrying a heavy bag and holding my breath. And my heart rate sped until I went under for surgery and beat hard as hell. I could feel it in my chest.

    The thing is, fear is a very energy-taxing thing. When you are at death’s door, you are certainly afraid (I was). I remember wheeling down the hospital seeing the ceiling rolling past me and thinking, “Holy shit. This might actually be it. What have I gotten myself into.”

    I was also very anxious, which is common for someone who is dying. I was shifting around feeling weak and moaning, saying I needed blood.

    I had a very bad stomach infection that removed the protection of my stomach lining and my stomach acid spilled through onto an artery. I found out I was sick because I felt nauseous and went to the toilet, and when I threw up it was pitched red blood, a full stomach’s worth.

    When the doctor went in with a scope and said that it was a “squirter” the blood pumped in with …

    Go to somewhere very remote, like Northern Canada via USA then walk across an unguarded part of the border . Find polar bears. They will kill you, and eat you. It’s a quick death if you offer them your neck and don’t run away. Almost everytime there is no trace. It is also a sustainable way to die. If you get eaten the skull might iD you but it could take 100 years before anyone finds it, so it won’t matter.

    Stay with your mother in law, you will die every second. So, it will be a practice for you .

    Go onstage as a comedian.

    You will die at some point, I promise you. If you fear pain you might fear life.

    The time from you asking this question and you being dead is unbelievably short. No matter how horrible your situation is, no matter how much pain you are in right now, give life another little bit of your time. It will all be over in a blink of an eye, is there no way you can try to make the best between right now and the end?

    If it’s an insurance thing ( no trace!?), a love thing, an I can’t be cured thing….take the tiny time and see if you can get ANY pleasure out of it before it’s all over anyway. You will not leave much trace in the bigger picture and pain is life. Maybe speek to the first person you meet today and try to make them smile. Or look at the room around you and realize you are still alive. For a tiny tiny bit. Then take it from there. Good luck .

    Yes. Kneecapping is considered one of the most painful injuries there is (a person shot at close range in the kneecaps). The pain is so extreme that there have been cases of otherwise healthy young people dying of heart attacks as a reaction to it.

    This is because extreme pain greatly increases blood pressure, heart rate and adrenaline levels.

    Any pain of that extreme level or above carries the risk of heart attack. Scary stuff.

    I would ask you to research DMT,if you are looking for something to change your outlook,DMT will accomplish that.

    The mother of an old high school friend, who essentially became my mom during my law school years, recently passed away at age 95 in her sleep. Every time I saw her she was as cheerful as could be, and filled with curiosity about my life and family and numerous comments on family news and neighborhood gossip.

    My friend assured me she slipped away peacefully, and I’m sure that’s true.

    No, not at all. Many of those I have witnessed passed with an amazing peace. Even those that should have pain. Many who have been in pain, or otherwise suffering for some time, in the end, they are ready.

    Witnessing this over and over, it has taken some of my fear of dying away.

    There’s no way to die without a trace, certainly not without pain, because you’ll be leaving behind a whole world of it for your loved ones to deal with. Instead, take a moment to think back on the happy moments in life and know that there are more to come, if not today, then surely tomorrow.

    I understand that grief isn’t easy to deal with, I’ve been here too, but there are professionals out there who can help you swim through it, slowly and steadily. Reach out to them or your loved ones, you’ll see that life can be beautiful again. Choose life and choose to make this world a better place simply by existing and helping others be stronger!

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