How to register for Quora

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    Its simple 🤷

    I just registered now and here’s how I did that:

    I searched for on google chrome and the website showed up.

    On the right hand side of the page, there’s a “sign in” button.

    I clicked on it and it asked me whether I would like to sign up with Google or Facebook.

    I signed up with my Google (YouTube) name. After loading, it showed list of things I would like to be recommended, I chose more than ten of them and click done.

    Boom! Am here!

    Finally, a registered member of Quora..

    Any new user can register on Quora using:

    1. Google– Give Quora permission to use your Google login
    2. Facebook– Give Quora permission to use your Facebook login
    3. Email– Just give your name, email and choose a password.

    There you go!

    You have successfully registered on Quora.

    Welcome to Quora!!

    P.S.- I am hoping this question referred to general Quora registration process.

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    I am not receiving Questions on my e-mail account.

    I would like to register for Quora .. please tell me how I can do that,

    so I get questions on my e-mail

    You are already on Quora.

    No need to register.

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    To sign up for Quora, you have following options:

    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Email

    By picking any one of the option, you can register yourself with Quora. And, as you already asked this question, it means you already registered with Quora.

    And, I registered on Quora with my Email and my account linked with Google and Facebook. So, I can use any option to login my account.

    To create a Quora account, visit Register and provide the requested information.

    Once you have created an account, you can sign in at Quora.

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    If you say “How” it has a very simple answer.

    Simply go to Quora

    and click on click on SignUp fill a couple of details and tour new Quora account is ready.

    If you ask “Why” then my answer goes like :

    There are a lot of reasons why I signed up on Quora or Why should any body sign up on Quora!

    Lets start with the list of reasons one by one

    • Knowledge : Quora contains a lot of knowledge in it. If you are using it and following the correct categories then it works like an encyclopedia for you.
    • Learning : I learned a lot of things from Quora which when applied in life gave really good results. I personally used many skills I learnd here and cracked various Interviews in IT companies.
    • Updated : It keeps you updated with the latest news from every corner of the world.
    • Writing : If you are a writer here, every new answer you write has some new words and hence it helps if you want to be a writer. Quora can be a great platform to start for all those who are willing to get into the career of writing.
    • Read read and read : Every new thing you read increase your knowledge and keeps you updated. The more you read the more you bring your self to the decent lime light.
    • Social : Just like other social networking platform Quora also connects you with people across the world.
    • Quality Content : It is enriched with the quality content instead of some photographs hanging out of friends like on Facebook

    Log out of Facebook and log in to Quora, the change will be awesome.

    Apart from these there are many reasons to Sign Up on Quora as per everyone’s perspective.


    How Do You Register For Quora?

    There are two parts to get started on Quora.

    Sign Up

    To get started, first search Quora in your browser and open.

    Or download the app and open

    1. Look on the right side by the top, for the Login/Sign up button and click.
    2. You will be given a choice to sign in with Google, Facebook or your email address. Choose and sign in.
    3. Quora will prompt you to provide 10 topics of interests.

    Your done with the first part of getting started on Quora.

    Profile Set Up

    The second part is to fill out your profile. As you gain followers, this will be how they get to know you better.

    You can complete each part by following the “Edit” prompts.

    1. Edit- Your profile photo is important if you are growing a brand and by putting a face to the name, it helps to build trust.
    2. Edit- Your name.
    3. Edit- Your Bio. Tell visitors a bit about yourself and your goals. Pretty much anything that you want people to know about you. If you create your own space, you can link to it here by returning and editing.
    4. Edit- Your profile credentials. This is where you list any certifications, diplomas or awards to help people to understand your background and experience.

    Once you finish up and hit save, you are up and running, ready to enjoy all there is to offer here on Quora.

    Tips For Using Quora

    More than just the policies and guidelines here, you need to remember that Quora is populated by People from everywhere.

    1. Respect other members and their right to express themselves freely as you would expect the same.
    2. When posting a question, try to pose it using correct grammar and spelling. Take care to be clear as to what you are trying ask.
    3. If you are an affiliate marketer, do not spam with your links or Whatsapp #’s. Quora is not a sales platform. Its here for the free flow of information through Q&A.
    4. Offer quality content. Solve a problem or offer guidance
    5. If you are answering a question, be sure to research and present your answer to the best of your ability. This builds trust and recognition and more importantly it hopefully helps someone.

    I hope that my answer helps and thanks for listening!


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