How to write an email to a boss with attachment

  • Sir,

    Please find the enclosed document, For your reference.



    Sir, I’ve sent you a doc, Please check and confirm.



    Sir, Please find the attachment.




    pfa / PFA

    How can I write an email to a boss with attachment?

    Please rephrase your question. Unclear if you mean:

    A. To write an email + attachment to your boss.

    B. To write an email to a boss who is attached to you.

    C. To write an email to a boss in a way that you are attached to him/her.

    Hard to infer because I have come across people using similar sentences with different intended meanings.

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    Write your e-mail to your boss. You will see the send button in a blue box in the lower left hand corner of the e-mail. To the rind of the send box will be a picture of a paper clip Left click on the paper clip. A dialogue box will drop down. Since I assume you are using a computer click on file from computer. if you are not using as computer use the proper item in the dialogue box. Just follow the direction given from there. Harold

    You say “see attachments” or “files x, y & z attached” – just like you would to anyone else. He is your boss, not God Almighty – there is no need to craft some convoluted self-deprecating phrase to be seen as cowering before his boundless power.

    Work emails should be professional, concise and to the point. At work, I’d rather get one that’s like that than one where I have to read ten lines of fluff before it gets to the real point.

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    On a technical level, there is a standard known as MIME (MIME – Wikipedia [ ]) that specifies how email attachments work. This standard is contained in RFC 2045 (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies [ ]). The standard, and moreover its wide acceptance across the industry, is why one person may send an attachment using, say, Outlook while another person may receive that email with its attachment using, say, GMail.

    Most modern email programs support MIME attachments to email. The interface details vary from program to program, which is why it is hard to answer your question simply and clearly.

    Most of the popular email programs have “graphical user interfaces” and these programs generally show a small image of a paperclip to trigger the attachment interaction f…

    Dear mr./ms./mrs. [boss’s last name here]

    Recently my team, team leader and I completed a professional training as part of our employment at this company. I have included scans/copies of the certificates we received as a result of successful completion of this training. Additionally, I would like to thank you very much for your assistance.


    [your first and last name here], [potential official title]*

    Marked in bold are parts where you need to pick one of the options.

    Marked in Italic are parts where additional input from your part is required.

    *By this, I mean your function at the company, such as VP of Marketing, Customer Service Employee, International Recruitment and Admissions Officer or whatever title they gave you.

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    I always write the body of the message first and make sure it’s correct before filling in the address for the exact reason you stated. In the past partial messages have been sent by me accidently when I hit “send” before the message was finalized.

    I’m not a lawyer, but if Hubby and I have bought an item or paid a contractor, I’ve made a receipt on the fly that looks like this.

    On 9/29/17 , Jane Smith received payment in full for a sofa in the amount of $500.00 from Julie Jones .

    Jane Smith

    It doesn’t have to be formal. Just get the signature and date from the person who got the money.

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    It’s appropriate, if you have an attachment in a Email that you want the tutor to look at.

    You can word it differently, maybe make it a direct statement if you have a more wordy email:

    “The document is attached”

    If the only reason for the email is the attached document, you can make it more polite with something along these lines of: “Dear ‘Tutor’,

    I have attached the ‘assigned work’. I look forward to your review of it.

    Kind Regards,

    ‘Student’ “

    But you really shouldn’t be over thinking the wording of the email, instead make sure the work you attached is impeccable.

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