I can’t bring myself to do my school work. It’s not laziness, it feels …

  • I’m going to let you in on two little secrets that 99% of the world don’t know.

    Together, these two secrets have the power to completely transform your experience of life without you actually having to do or learn anything.

    Are you ready?

    Here’s the first secret:

    As a human being, you don’t actually have the ability to feel the outside world.

    That means you can’t experience what your bank balance, your appearance, your friends – or your job – are really like.

    You can only ever feel your own thinking.

    Nothing else.

    That means that when you feel lazy, demotivated or insecure, it cannot be because of your job or its pointlessness – it can only be because of your thinking.

    Our thinking – like the rest of us – is always ebbing and flowing.

    It’s why one moment we feel happy, confident and motivated, and the next moment we feel restless, insecure and lazy.

    This is totally normal – every single person goes through this fluctuation every single day of their lives.

    Ready for the second secret?

    Here it is:

    As a human being, you don’t actually have the ability to choose your thoughts.

    That means you don’t get to decide whether you have insecure thinking, happy thinking, thoughts about wanting to sleep until noon or traveling to the other side of the world.

    What you do get to decide is whether you go along with that thought.

    In that sense, one could say that instead of “free will” we actually have “free won’t”.

    The human mind is like a car radio – it doesn’t generate music, it receives it.

    So why are these two secrets so significant?

    First of all, it’s incredibly powerful to realize that the outside world can’t make you feel anything in particular.

    You are never living in the feeling of your circumstances – you are always living in the feeling of your thinking.

    That means that it isn’t public speaking that’s making your nervous, it isn’t your work that’s making you frustrated and it isn’t your lack of money that’s making you feel insecure.

    All of it is thought-created.

    And rather than having to rummage through your thoughts trying to figure out what they mean and where they came from (like traditional psychotherapy), you only need to realize that you are thinking.

    When you realize that your bad feeling is only a thought, it’s sort of like the door bell ringing in the middle of scary movie – you are snapped out of it and reminded that it’s just a movie.

    This allows you a split second to decide whether it makes sense to keep going on this train of thought, or whether you should get off at the next station and get on another train.

    Second, when you realize your experience is the result of your thinking, it no longer makes as much sense to try to rearrange the world to make you feel happy or secure.

    Once you see for yourself that you can feel happy or secure in any situation, you no longer need to make your happiness dependent on changing or avoiding that situation.

    You can be happy even if you don’t change your job, if you don’t get the girl, or you don’t win the championship.

    That doesn’t mean you won’t go for them anyway, but it’s no longer a prerequisite for you to feel happy, peaceful and confident.

    When you know on a gut level that your happiness and well-being aren’t actually at stake, you can play all out. You no longer need to hold back or try to desperately avoid mistakes. You can just go all in in all areas of life, because you know you’ll be fine regardless of what happens.

    And when you go all in without worrying about the result, that’s when you’re more likely to get the job, get the girl and achieve the victory.

    Even if you don’t get any of those things, you will undoubtedly experience more feelings of peace, joy and connection in any situation or circumstance and you are freed of playing the role of a victim.

    Third, almost all our struggles in life are the result of trying to resist our thoughts and feelings.

    Our thoughts are what they are.

    We can’t control them.

    When we simply let them be, they’ll disappear as quickly and mysteriously as they appeared.

    It is only when we try to hold onto them, push them away, or give them meaning that they start causing problems in our lives.

    Interacting with a thought is like pouring gasoline on a fire – it’s only going to make it more intense.

    So what can you do?

    Whenever you feel an uncomfortable thought or feeling – such as laziness or insecurity – come on, simply say to yourself “Next!” and wait for a new thought to appear.

    A new thought will ALWAYS appear, because that’s how our minds work.

    Keep saying “Next!” until you have a thought that you can live or work with.

    Don’t waste your time and energy trying to resist thoughts that don’t serve you, because you’ll only empower them.

    Simply let the thoughts be like clouds in the sky. They’ll drift away and morph into something else in no time at all.

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