Is it unpleasant to pass away of a metoprolol overdose?

  • Is it agonizing to die of a metoprolol overdose?

    You people are assholes in your reaction.” Talk to somebody”,” call the suicide hotline”! Exact same ol duplicated BS. I’m sure this individual has actually believed long and hard about it and maybe even talked with someone. My suggestions to you recommendations providers.” go fuck your self”.


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    I regret to state that I really attempted this a couple of months back. I had come from a dreadful scenario including my children, and the last straw was not letting me have my grandchildren when they had previously set up, as an effect of this apparently unimportant occasion, in my viewpoint. I was on the bus heading house; I felt worthless, insignificant. I searched for on my phone which of my prescribed medications would accomplish the suicide task, and found metoprolol the response. I got up to the paramedics taking me out of the bus, but I felt no discomfort, just loss of awareness. I would even say it was more of a deep sleep. Needless to state, I was shocked I woke up.

    I attempted this, It didn’t work. I took around 80 metoprolol succinate 50 mg, 20 or two xanax at simply 0.25 mg, and 100 diphenhydramine 25 mg (OTC sleeping tablets). I consumed some nuts and half a wedge of Jarlsberg cheese first to make certain I might keep the tablets down, and I chased everything down with some gin, which I had already been drinking greatly so I was on the edge of losing consciousness prior to I even took the pills. I immediately laid down after taking the last of the tablets, and the next memory I have is waking up 18 hours later and stumbling into the restroom to urinate. As I tried to get up off the toilet, I kept being up to the flooring and banging versus stuff, as I was completely lightheaded and unable to have any balance. And my lower back (eg, kidneys) was eliminating me. It took around an hour (or so it seemed) for me to crawl out of the restroom, mainly because I could not move due to the fact that my kidneys were hurting a lot. I had the ability to reach my phone and call an ambulance. As soon as they got some fluids into me (and I believe glucagon considering that my blood sugar level was probably so low), I felt fine. The combination of tablets and gin didn’t cause any instant distress except for an hour or so of anguish after I finally woke up, along with cuts and contusions as I kept losing my balance.

    My choice to take those pills was the worst thing I have actually ever done without a doubt. I’m six months eliminated from the event, and the important things that haven’t disappeared that I still handle are my eyes and overall appearance. I’m not sure if it was the metoprolol or sleeping tablets, today I have continuous bags and dark circles under my eyes which I never had in the past. It appears like I have two semi-black eyes. My eyes themselves are dry and red all the time, and eye drops, which I never utilized before, assist for an hour or two. My vision itself is mucked up also, as LED lights are now a various color and much brighter to me. Vehicle tail lights look brilliant orange instead of red, and light in general is unpleasant. And I am not able to read up-close with my glasses on like I had prior to I took the tablets. I think the silver lining is that I’m not blind, which the doctors were shocked at. It looks like I’ve lost about 10 pounds in my face, though my total weight hasn’t changed that much.

    If you are thinking about suicide, get assist and appreciate what you have. Tablets nearly never work and simply make your situation method worse.

    I have actually never become aware of anyone utilizing a non-selective beta blocker as a suicide representative but understanding what the drug carries out in therapeutic doses I’ll guess that overdosing on it would feel pretty rotten because the overdosed would experience the regular side effects in a magnitude.

    Among the greatest issues in managing high blood pressure is medication compliance. Compliance is an issue because the adverse effects of antihypertensives in basic are often more uncomfortable than the hypertension itself.

    After overdosing one would feel: extensive weakness, agonizing headaches, lightheadedness to the point of not having the ability to alter position without feeling faint or blacking out totally, extreme body aches, and severe nausea and vomiting.

    These symptoms would increase in severity as the overdoser’s high blood pressure dropped. When the individual’s high blood pressure dropped to seriously low levels I can just presume that they would begin to feel a burning stinging pain comparable to peripheral neuropathy as the nerves in their extremities died from lack of a blood supply. They would likewise likely experience visceral pain as their internal organs became blood (oxygen) starved.

    This is all an educated guess but I presume that it would be a quite gruesome method to go. One would hope that unconsciousness would come rapidly. I question it would though considering that the brain would be the organ with the greatest priority when it pertained to receiving the dwindling blood supply.

    Best choice is to call a suicide hotline. I’m informed that does not harmed at all.

    Why would one think about killing himself/ herself by loading overdose drug? I highly question suicide will resolve any problems and homocide will only bring forth more nasty issues.


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    Beta blocker poisoning is a nasty method to go. It is definitely more uncomfortable to be the family members & & friends of a suicide. Their pain lasts a life time.

    If you are pondering suicide by ingesting metoprolol, I would urge you to call a mental health professional ASAP.


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    Drawn From: Metoprolol Tartrate Tablets BP 50 mg

    Poisoning due to an overdose of metoprolol may result in extreme hypotension, sinus bradycardia, atrioventricular block, heart failure, cardiogenic shock, heart attack, bronchospasm, impairment of awareness, coma, queasiness, throwing up, cyanosis, hypoglycaemia and, periodically, hyperkalaemia.”

    One can picture that lightheadedness and difficulty breathing all the while sensation nauseated and throwing up would not be an enjoyable method to go.

    I concur with previous authors that any idea of purposeful OD is cause for immediate medical/mental health attention.

    Reactions ought to be considered general in nature, and not specific to any a single person; consequently, they are not to be construed as specific medical recommendations and do not produce a doctor/patient relationship. For more specific guidance unique to your specific scenario, seek advice from a regional medical professional.

    Why would you take a high blood pressure tablet and try to kill yourself? It’s likewise used in anger management off label. Do me a favor, ask your Dr. this question.


    Sorry, I don’t give details like that out: I don’t believe that suicide is an excellent service.

    What I do think is this: the world has enough sadness in it; why would you contribute to that by your death? If you or somebody you understand is having a bumpy ride (and we all do– it doesn’t imply you are weak), then I hope you will take a minute to go House

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/ 7/365, and is both FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Assistance originates from the experts, and is offered by telephone, email, text, or live chat.

    You can call them at 1-800-273-8255

    If you feel you need assist right this 2nd, please call 911 and ask for someone to help you.

    I have no concept! I have never passed away from a metoprolol prior to! Lol Anyways, after finding it’s LD50 it would around a pound of the things kill your average adult human. If you were preparing on attempting to OD on this things it’s simply not going to occur.

    If you were intending on trying suicide I strongly advise you to speak with somebody, ANY PERSON!!! Family member, pal, Dr., instructor, co-worker, cop … Anyone! There are assistance numbers available readily online with simple Google searches for your area!

    Best of luck!


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    I dislike it when you get template answers like “suicide is a permanent answer to a momentary issue”

    Nonsense!! I’m38 I have actually experienced anxiety given that I remained in Nursery (Age 3).

    I initially attempted suicide at 7 years of ages.

    Depression is not short-term and neither are the issues or the discomforts we go through that cause it.

    I have actually stashed 2000 mg of Amitriplin and just organizing my will now. After a number of attempts myself, this one will work! I was likewise looking at burning a barbeque in my bedroom so I lost consciousness with carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a rare way to do it but pain-free and effective.

    I do suggest you talk with your medical professional and loved ones prior to you do anything severe, but only you truly understand your discomforts and if you can surpass them. I hope you can.

    I hope you can forgive my privacy, and I am genuinely sorry for your loss. I lost a bro to a opiate overdose, and I had this same question. I did great deals of my on research study and I spoke to a number of medical professionals and the consensus was that no, overdosing on opiates is not painful and in reality is one of the most tranquil ways to pass. Your son basically simply went to sleep. You might have checked out or heard that throughout an overdose the respiratory system and cardiac system begin to decrease and then shut down. It may appear that this would in fat hurt but the opiate function as such a powerful sedative that the person feels nothing. What finally solidified this for me was speaking with a couple of people who had overdosed however were able to be restored. They undoubtedly confirmed that they never ever felt a thing and only keep in mind going to sleep.

    I hope this assists, please remember there are great deals of support groups out there for people in your circumstance. Likewise keep in mind the pain you feel is entirely regular. That was a tough part for me, I could never ever understand why it harmed a lot when my brother passed until I talked with others in the same scenario and discovered that they all felt immense discomfort at the unanticipated loss of a young family member. It is certainly various from losing a sick and more senior relative for sure.

    Tramadol, pregabilin, bisoprolol and lorazepam. I certainly had no pain, simply passed out, regrettably I was discovered, with a resp rate of 4per min obviously within 10 minutes of passing.

    I will not promote the use of them to anyone but having been there I understand your loss of hope and sensation of isolation. I still reserve the right to take my life, and as soon as the hawks stop viewing me I have an excellent mix to complete what i need to do.


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