Is Star Health Insurance a good company?

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    Completely Fraud Company I had a policy of 30L+ Health Insurance, since 2006, in 2021 i finally got an opportunity to redeem it, and use, my medical bill was 80,000( I had COVID-19, I was RT-PCR+) but they rejected it and said that my condition wasn’t serious enough and so no medical intervention was required, basically meaning I wasn’t required to be admitted to the hospital. Now you know what happening in India in April 2021, people were dieing because beds were not available, so there is no chance hospital management would give a bed to a non serious patient who can be cured at home, luckily because of my friend’s contact, i got a bed and these fucking bloody idiots are saying i didn’t require any medical intervention, even my SpO2 was well below 95. i had been paying ₹18000 each year since 2006 which means till now i have paid these moron muther fuckers a sum of round 1,76,000, my bill was of 80,000 even if i kept that money aside each and had not put it in any mutual fund, i still had money to pay the hospital…. Anyways if you have 1% sympathy for me and you can feel my anger, please tell all your friend, family, relative to never buy a star health policy, and ask them to tell all their friends, relatives too. That’s the only thing i want from you guys…

    Well, mostly i take my insurance from HDFC Ergo and ICICI Lombard for most of my requirements, but I did take a Star Health insurance policy once, but i’ve never had the opportunity to make a claim, so don’t know about the claim settlement ratio.

    However, I’m frightened after reading all these negative comments on this brand – i’m not sure if they’re being targeted by SEO professional hired by their competitors or genuinely have such bad ratings (and also don’t have the brains to hire a decent digital company to handle their online reputation)

    If anyone is reading this from Star Health, I’d URGE you to see – there are almost 100k+ total on this Quora thread with 34 answers, and not even a single +ve feedback, and nobody bothered to do any actions on it – SURPRISING to say the least!!!

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    REJECTED CLAIM :- WE HAVE PAID PREMIUM FOR LAST 3 years (0 time admitted) this was first time that we admitted.

    date 27 August 2021.

    Reason for rejection:- They think hospitalisation was not required. They know better than doctor.

    costumer care:- Never respond properly puts the call on hold.

    Star Health Insurance is a fraud company. After paying 3 year premium and I got admitted first time because doctor said that we need 48 hour monitoring and putting in injections to deal with lungs infection. Whole throughout 48 hours doctors gave treatment and my bill was somethi around 40k INR. Then at discharge time, They rejected the claim without any proper reason and they say that you do not need to be admitted. Doctor himself told to get admitted because my reports were very poor. Then doctor himself wrote on his letter head in strict words that He was admitted on my discreation. still they didn’t approved the claim. This is most fraud company every existing ever. It is total scam.

    In a single word: NO

    Star health and allied insurance company is a not a good company when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    My relative was admitted on 31 July 2022 with COVID 19 infection and history of fall due to hypoglycemia. She is a diabetic and she had started star health insurance on Jan 2020. The total bill came to Rs. 50,000.

    They simply rejected the claim saying that only after 3 years (36 months) of insurance commencement , she will get cashless facility for pre existing conditions such as diabetes.

    I can understand that. But what about COVID treatment?? She had a high D Dimer value and had chest infecrion due to COVID. She was admitted in a COVID isolation room and was charged around 10,000 per day in of COVID infection and treatment.

    But star comfortably ignored this fact and simply denied the claim.

    Star health and allied insurance company is by far the most inhuman and profit only driven company I have come across.

    If you value your money and peace, avoid their services.

    Go for National Parivar Insurance or LIC.

    I am also frustrated with claims procedure. Patient has not even recovered. But they want to know why I was admitted to private room instead of twin sharing. Very rude questions on raising claim. Finally, the claim amount is 60,000. The approved amount is 20,000. Don’t know why I should have 10 Lac coverage if this is the treatment. Planning to switch next year provided I find a good provider.

    Update: At the time of discharge, the bill amount was 68,000 and they paid 59,000. So, I am happy with Star health and will continue with their services. I will recommend it considering that the discharge procedure was smooth.

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    Please don’t buy a single policy from them. Don’t take it even if they give it to you for free!

    Undependable frauds. I have two policies with them. Been paying premium of 50k combined for three years. No claims till today. My wife was diagnosed with dengue. Platelets dropped to 37K. Severe breathlessness, fever, body pain. And they declined the cashless claim! Reason is ridiculous. They are quoting some non existant pre hospitalization and condition that never happened. She’s never been hospitalized for any ailment! Other than when she gave birth to our daughter 12 years ago.

    I have a corporate policy which I could use. I intentionally wanted to check if all the horror stories out there about Star were true. Apparently it is!

    DO NOT buy from this company. I can show you all the communications received, receipts paid, etc. If anyone wants more information.

    Instead, approach a bank. And ask them to take out a medical policy for you. It will be a group policy. Not an individual one where you are most likely to be given the short end of a stick to hold on to. Better still, invest in a SIP or an ETF. And don’t touch that money. Keep it aside for a rainy day. And believe me, it will rain. And when it does, at least you’ll have the money that you saved up to use! Instead of fattening the miserable Star. They are called star for a reason. Their customers usually see stars when it’s time for a claim.

    Edit: They considered the claim and made the payment. I had to pay 137 as non medical expenses. Which is fine. There waa an error on the hospital side as well. The insurance desk had stuffed in aomeone else’s case sheet along with the documents sent for my wife. The other person’s name ia clearly mentioned on the top. Yet, they didn’t intimate me or even read it correctly. Straight away declined the cashless claim. I had to give a piece of mind to both the insurance desk and their call center. They promised to have a doctor call me back, but no one did. They just settled the claim. It was probably the easier thing to do.

    I’m still sitting on the fence.

    Edit 2: They have rejected pre and post admission bills on flimsy grounds. Too tired to deal with these pathetic people.

    Not renewing with them. I’d strongly suggest you don’t consider them as a possibility even. That frustrating.

    *STAR HEALTH INSURANCE WOULDN’T Protect your loved onesand their looking only for your Money at the Moments. Really waste of your money.. *Zero Support From Star Health Insurance Grievances Team*. They will say *Whatever you want to do for Customers during the claim*, Because *you cannot do anything after you paid your money*.

    📌📌📌 *STAR HEALTH INSURANCE is a one of the FRAUD HEALTH Insurance Company*.

    🏴🏴🏴*Please do not take any policy with Star Health Insurancebecause They *wouldn’t save your life and Your Family. They will be DENIED (REJECT) your claims without a Valid Reason*. This will make you a very depressed. They will not say anything at the time of enrollment in the policy.

    *It has been THREE YEARS over, since I took the policy.Now I have allowed my son for medical problems in hospital. *Now they have REJECTED my request under UNFAIR RESPONSE*. I even tried to contact the Star Health Insurance team from the hospital. There was NO PROPER ANSWER and they took more time to answer our Questions too.

    I paid my OWN MONEY and was later discharged from the hospital. Since then, I have raised this issue with the *Star Health Insurance Grievance Committeeand they are dealing with this problem *Very Lazily*. They have answer my query after one month. Even though it is a very emergency medical issue and also the result is same one.

    Star Health Insurance Providing Very, Very Very Poor services to the customers. They will *SURELY CHEAT YOUR MONEY*. Please do not go with Star Health Insurance at any point of time. INSTEAD OF THAT, *YOU CAN SAVE YOUR MONEY with Yourself and SPEND MONEY while you’re on *EMERGENCY*.

    *This is a company that does not care about you and Your family and No single drop of human life care in Star Health Insurance Team*.

    *I request that this should be spread to all over the world*. To Get the *Proper AWARENESS to My Peoples*. Because they are playing with Human Life’s.

    Star Health Insurance is a Fraud Company. They are money making company. They wouldn’t support anyone after enrollment. If you are facing issue. Please update in the comments box. We will together go with Court for ILLEGAL ACTION.

    They fraud millions of people per year and engage in such MONEY..

    My Policy Number:

    *SR2000034276 CLI / 2020/700002/0603416*

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    They are BIG FRAUD. They have tie up with many drs and hospitals. The Dr. will first ask for your health history files/ reports. Once you give, he will scan and send to star health. Then they will find some health issue that you did not report during the insurance application. Then they will REJECT your claim.

    This scam happened with my sister. If you give your history files to dr, make sure he does not scan or make a copy.

    This is a complete fraud company and policy bazar is also in the same category. I was diagnosed with covid and my total bill due to home quarantine was around 70k. But these people refund the amount of 15k said this is the maximum limit. while filling the claim I have checked with both policy bazar and star health they never stated anything like this. Please help me to escalate this matter to the right authorities to make these idiots pay. They are just fooling people in the name of providing insurance. worst customer support and same with policy bazar…bunch of idiots working and selling insurance just to complete their target.

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