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    Hello people of Medical Perspectives, This is meant to be a space for open discussion between medical professionals, students, and the lay person about everything medicine related. Feel free to post questions or make comments, just keep BNBR (be nice…

    MD in Medicine and Healthcare & Cardiology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Graduated 2012) · 1h ·

    Can a loop recorder implant detect a heart attack?

    Implantable loop recorders (ILRs) are not meant for detection of myocardial infarctions (that is death of heart muscle cells due to an obstruction of their blood supply), which is what we mean by heart attack, but they can still be useful in the detection of ischaemia (limited blood supply). What ILR…

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    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · 10h ·

    Why do doctors recommend that you must refrain from eating grapefruit whilst on metformin? How can it affect you?

    Metformin is probably the most common medication prescribed to treat Type 2 Diabetes One of the problems is that it has a tendency to cause metabolic acidosis. By itself serious problems are uncommon but if the person involved is taking something else that can cause acidosis, then the problem multipli…

    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · Mon ·

    Why is there little mentioning in medical journals and textbooks about low carb diet inducing hyponatremia? Despite this is common in low carb diet adherents, both GPs and specialists are all unfamiliar with this.

    A balanced low carb diet does not cause hyonatremia. Ridiculous diets can cause all sorts of problems. You have obtained your information from ridiculous people. This is why hyponatremia is not a recognised problem with diets prescribed by health care professionals.…

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    What does MediCARE pay for? ⚕


    And if you are prescribed medication, you normally need to be enrolled in either a Part D or C plan for coverage. Clarification, * Part D is optional Rx coverage if you are enrolled in Parts A & B and Part D may have restricted Rx coverage * Part C is an al…

    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · Sun ·

    When melanoma first spreads beyond the initial site, does it always make the nearest lymph node swell or become hard?

    Melanomas (correct plural melanomata) are one of the most unpredictable malignancies. The most common spread beyond the initial site is the regional lymph nodes however it is not uncommon for the spread to be via the blood stream and the secondaries can turn up anywhere. I spent the majority of my wor…

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    What is an interesting illness / disease?

    This. She can faint up to 20 times a day on general. She knows a few seconds before she collapses so she can be in a safe position. Luckily her boyfriend is helping her out here. Before she actually faints, she starts to feel nauseous, sweaty and all of it is due to PoTS (Postural tachycardia syndrom…

    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · Sat ·

    Is the heamongioma of the ilium a serious issue?

    A haemangioma is a benign overgrowth of small blood vessels. Haemangiomas (correct plural haemangiomata) are only a problem if they bleed. Usually the bleeding will stop spontaneously but in cases where the bleeding is problematic, surgery or an endoscopic procedure may be necessary to stop troublesom…

    Decreasing sugar got rid of my canker sores. · Sat ·

    What are the bumps inside my lips/mouth from?

    I have bumps inside my lips. What is it?

    Thank you for the A2A. I can’t find the details that were put in the comment section (as noted under the question) because I don’t see any comments, so Idk any more information than what the question is: “I have bumps inside my lips. What is it?” The one thing that comes to mind first are canker sores…

    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · Fri ·

    Can Diazepam be used for asthmatic?

    Diazepam (Valium) is classified as a minor tranquilliser and as such has a depressant effect on the central nervous system including the respiratory centre. Anything that can potentially cause depression of the central nervous system would be contraindicated in asthma, including diazepam. There are ma…

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    I am on multiple prescription medications. · Fri ·

    This is a common medication problem among the elderly.

    What is the most common medication problem in the elderly?

    The most common medication problem in the elderly is being given too high of a dose of medication, which leads to toxic side effects. As people get older, their organs start to not work as well. Because of this, their metabolism changes, and the movement of medication through their system becomes slo…

    I am on multiple prescription medications. · Nov 25 ·

    Being on anxiety and blood pressure medication at the same time can cause blood pressure to become too low.

    My blood pressure drops as low as 88/55 at night time after taking hydroxyzine (anxiety) med and metoprolol (heart palpitation med). Is this normal, or should I see a doctor?

    Thank you for the A2A. I would see your DR. A drop in blood pressure can be normal when taking anxiety and blood pressure meds, but not too low. Being on anxiety medication along with a heart med can lower your blood pressure too much, and you might need a lower dose of either or both. If you have symp…

    Senior Lecturer in Medicine at James cook University GP · Nov 25 ·

    Why is there indecisive wording in medical files after having diagnostic testing? Like using: Likely has… Potentially… Probably…

    Probably because it is the correct usage of English where the doctor is not 100% sure but is giving a degree of confidence using words like “probably”…”potentially””… etc. There are many things in medicine that diagnoses are only given in degrees of probability which often is a true representation of…

    MD in Medicine and Healthcare & Cardiology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Graduated 2012) · Nov 24 ·

    Konstantinos Gatos

    · Aug 1

    What do you think about doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers advocating for mandatory vaccines of the healthcare workers?

    I can think of only one reason why the vaccine should not be mandatory for everyone: if the risk of severe adverse reactions outweighs the risk of a severe COVID-19 course, as estimated by the incidence of ICU admissions due to COVID-19 within the particular demographic group that the healthcare wor…

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    MD in Medicine and Healthcare & Cardiology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Graduated 2012) · Nov 24 ·

    Why did you want to become a cardiologist?

    I went into Cardiology, because I was inspired by the doctors I met during my Cardiology elective at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I always knew I liked Internal Medicine and the physiology of the heart in particular, so Cardiology seemed like a natural choice when I came to think about it. It invol…

    MD in Medicine and Healthcare & Cardiology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Graduated 2012) · Nov 23 ·

    Konstantinos Gatos

    · Nov 1

    Should I become a nurse or a doctor? I love patient care but I also value the science behind diagnoses and forming a plan of care. I am currently premed but I am thinking of switching to nursing to be more hands on and have a better quality of life.

    Doctor here, so I am obviously biased. It sounds like you would be happy practicing in an intellectually challenging specialty where you get to treat patients with chronic diseases over a long period of time. If you like patient care and coming up with plans of care, you will very probably enjoy wor…

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