My iPhone battery health is at 75% and I’m scared. Should I …

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    Q: My iPhone battery health is at 75% and I’m scared. Should I replace it ASAP?

    A: Don’t worry, you’re ok

    • That number is for troubleshooting purposes and is not an accurate indicator of anything
    • At home we have our original iPhones, they have never had their batteries replaced and we still use them every day as game machines
    • I used to design lithium batteries, back when they were a new technology
    • You can use it just fine until it gets to the point where it won’t hold a charge long enough for you to get through your day, then at that point you can consider replacing the battery and get more years of service out of your iPhone

    75% is still relatively safe. I replaced mine when it would shut down whenever it wasn’t plugged in… it turns out that my battery was at 5% health…

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    The average iPhone battery life is about 2 to 3 years. Then the battery will be consumed to varying degrees. The actual capacity will be far less than the initial capacity, making the battery life of the phone unable to meet the daily normal use. At this time, it is very necessary and beneficial to replace the iPhone battery. When choosing the battery, you should choose a guaranteed original battery.

    Generally, mobile phone batteries need to be replaced if their health is below 80%. If you want to replace the battery and your phone is under warranty, Apple Repair will repair it for free. But if your iPhone has any damage that affects battery replacement, you need to fix the problem before replacing the battery.

    No. It is a slower process. But consider replacing it, yes. I just let it be replaced at about 75% the last time. Or you can use your phone on charger power, keep it plugged in most of the time.

    That number is just for orientation. What matters is how long the batteries let you to use the phone. At 75% I guess you need to plug it into power several times a day already. Let the batteries be replaced as it gets uncomfortable for you.

    Well it depends, are you having issues with the battery life? Could you still use the iPhone good enough? Or does the iPhone battery drain too fast? If you are having an unsatisfactory experience with the battery life, then you should get it changed. Typically, anything below 80% battery health is weak, anything under 70% is very weak.

    You could still use the iPhone at 76%, but the iPhone might get unexpected shutdowns due to a weak battery.. if this happens, then the iOS software will automatically slowdown the CPU performance to avoid these shutdowns (don’t worry, you can turn off the CPU slowdown feature in the battery if you don’t want it).

    Apple charges $70 for battery replacements (plus possible additional fees), you can also get it replaced by a 3rd party cellphone repair shop as well but it’s better to get a genuine battery from Apple to avoid possible issues.

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    I believe that Apple recommends a new battery when the percentage drops below 80%. However, with the Apple stores being closed for awhile, you’ll just have to hold on.

    Keep your charger handy.

    Good luck.

    If your device is dying faster than usual and you cannot get through the day without a charge, we would suggest replacing the battery as it is likely in the degrading stage. Another option would be getting a power bank so that you can get a charge whenever!

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    If your battery health had been degraded to about 76% but after doing all the battery saving tips like turn down the brightness and only use internet IF you need to, you can still get at least a few hours of usage out of it when you fully charge it up to 100% despite the battery degraded to that point, then I’d say it’s better to just keep it around without replacing the battery until you get to the point where you’d constantly trying to find a power outlet less than 2 hours or constantly needing to bring your power bank with you. At that point its definitely worth considering to replace the battery.

    Or alternatively, if your iPhone is like iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, maybe consider just switching to a newer iPhone like the iPhone 13, or if you wanted to save some money, you could just get the ones being sold in the refurbished section on the Apple’s website. Reason why I say this is because those iPhones are really out date.

    I decided to upgrade my iPhone from the 5s to the refurbished iPhone 11 256GB model, which is about time anyways. While I did lose out on a couple features doing it this way, but the benefit of me losing those features is that I only paid $850 CAD after sales tax & it would’ve costed me a little over $1,350 after sales tax if I went for the basic iPhone 13 256GB model. That’s a $500 difference for those few small little upgrades the 13 has over the 11. So I say the trade off is worth it if I can save $500 that I could use for the future refurbished iPhone that might have a few features the 13 might not have.

    according to apple 85% is a warning, but if your phone is working fine then you can still continue using it but its better you replaced it ASAP. Cuz it may give issues in coming future.

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