Sometimes it feels like I have a splinter in my skin, but I don’t. What …

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    I have that too in my middle finger, and it’s driving me nuts. I use a lighted 10X magnifier and can’t see any redness or break in the skin. The pain is exquisite when I bend my finger or even lightly touch or stroke the skin but not if I touch more firmly. At first I thought it might be gout due to the near-keto diet my doctor put me on, but there’s no swelling or redness (gout would cause tophi). I haven’t been anwhere near fiberglass, silica or broken glass. My money’s on some kind of a neuropathy, as it’s happened before (very occasionally) in other fingers & big toes—and I’m occasionally getting tingling in my extremities. Tried the epsom-salt soak and Scotch tape thing 3X—no luck.

    It can be an irritation in your nervous system, or deficiency in vitamin B12. It can also mean poor blood supply or there are a variety of possible causes:

    • Carpal Tunnel syndrome;

    • Multiple sclerosis;

    • Vitamin deficiencies;

    • Metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes);

    • Poisoning (heavy metals);

    • Infections;

    Source: My hands feel like ‘pins and needles in my fingers’! – PARAESTHESIA

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    Take a magnifying glass, preferably 10X or the best that you can find and carefully look over the skin area where you feel the pain.

    With a properly desinfected needle or safety pin, touch the end of the splinter and press on

    very slightly just to feel the pain.

    Once you verify that it is the splinter, you can try to pull it out

    carefully with the needle or safety pin trying your best not to injure yourself.

    Sometimes a pair of eye brows hair clips may help you take them out.

    Have alcohol handy to clean your hands.

    You can also visit a doctor to help you, especially if you suffer from diabetes.

    It may actually be a splinter or some other small bit of matter that your skin healed over. If you can’t find it or get it out, I have found that eventually the body will reject or encapsulate it on its own. Either it works it’s way to the surface (like most splinters) or is sealed off (like a piece of pencil lead that once broke off in my hand.). Or it could be an injury that you weren’t even aware of causing a bit of neuropathy. Paper cuts are minuscule and hurt like the dickens too. Either way, give it some time to heal or reveal itself.

    It could be deeper than you think or it might be clear glass you cannot see. I had a splinter of glass in the same foot twice. I went to the ER and sat for 6 hours and they just referred me to a surgeon. I then went to my podiatrist and he removed it. The second I skipped the ER. If it is wood it will eventually make it to the surface but in the meantime it might get infected. See your family doctor. The advice might just be to soak it in hot water with epson salts or he/she might want an xray.

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    This is strange, because last week I felt like I had a splinter in one of my fingers. A small splinter, more like a cactus sticker. I looked at it, washed, still the feeling persisted for several days. I think what it was was just a very tiny crack in my skin, and needed to be moisturized. So I did that, and it went away.

    It sounds like you have an Anxiety disorder. 9/10

    Reasons why, does it make you panic irrationally?

    Do you focus on this symptom that then leads to more physical symptoms?

    Does it make you Google every condition known to mankind?

    Do you find yourself apcing up and down the living room?

    Not sleeping properly?

    Lack of appetite?

    Or simply fear impending doom or that you’re sick without any known cause/explanation?

    If yes to any of these don’t fear so much.

    But do not rule the nasties out first. I’m still leaning to Anxiety, cannot name a symptom it doesn’t or cannot cause one. Personal experience.

    Could also be a ganglion, simple muscle strain especially from excesive computer use (I had mild Ulnar nerve syndrome once)

    It’s not MS and you’re not dying the answers above seem very farfetched to say the least considering the first symptom in most of them is sight isuse which doesn;t apply to you.

    You’re fine and i’d go see someone about anxiety or muslce wear and tear before reading some hellish answer.

    I had that happen once. I made the pain worse when I ran a finger over the area so I figured it had to be a splinter. I used a flashlight and turned my finger slowly until I could see a slender hair-like projection. I think I got it out with tweezers, but it was so long ago. It was a splinter of glass or maybe fiberglass. If it persists, you might want to see your doctor. Sometimes our bodies cause pain in a different spot from the injury. (I get a pain in my chest area which is from a pinched nerve in my spine.)

    I’ve had similar.

    Do you ever deal with broken glass?

    I’ve known shards of glass get into a towel or a cloth, say, so when you dry your self you get tiny cut and don’t know where it came from.

    If it’s not mechanical injury but some recurring systemic sensation, and if it’s a nuisance you want to rid of, you migh try homeopathy. Tens of thousands of people benefit from homeopathy every year, despite what the pseudo-skeptics would have you believe – and if you try it, you could benefit too.

    One of several homeopathic remedies for splinter-like sensation in skin is hepar sulph. Also it has a marked periodicity about it. However it is best to consult an experienced homeopath who can examine the problem in depth. Homeopathic prescription is very different from conventional pharma and may seem unfamiliar – it is based on the person, not so much on a particular diagnosis, and a single remedy may address several health conditions (whereas pharma would give several drugs that might interact negatively). Also, you take very few doses, and take them separately from meals, and stop dosing when you start to get better (very unlike pharma).

    So these answers kind of sound a little scary…lol. I suggest showing a medical practician, and removing whatever is underneath the skin. You most probably got a splinter, didn’t take care of it, and now its deep inside, causing either a small cyst or zapping, irritated pain.

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