The Best Products We Tried (and Enjoyed) in 2021

The Best Products We Tried (and Enjoyed) in 2021

What a year it’s been, from the quarantine attire we produced to the turkeys we basted; from the CBD and marshmallow fluff cocktails we’ve slammed, to the plant babies we fostered; and, of course, shoutout to all the brand-new sex toys and dope socks we have actually brought into rotation. We have spared no expenditure for our joy, which took on the type of cost effective Theragun alternatives, Shrek butt plugs, and so much more that tickled our fancy (and after that some) in 2021, because we deserve it– therefore do you, you stealthy buyer.

There’s a great deal of serotonin to be had in a new housecoat that feels like a whipped cloud, and there’s something magical about finding coffee that doesn’t provide us the jitters, lip balm that lastly provides us from hellish winter dryness, and stiletto pole-dancing cowboy boots that yeet us to the heavens. Our god is an awesome god, and her sack is filled with our absolute favorite items of 2021, from the brains, desks, fridges, and beds of the editors of Rec Space.

Consider this a short list of the best wellness products, kitchen appliances, and sartorial wins from the cumulative mind of the Rec Space personnel; we’re dishing out the hot and cheesy deets on the air fryers we fell for, the lap desks that saved our WFH peace of mind, and the silk eye masks that restored our faith in relaxation. Massage, bon trip, and please enjoy the Rec Room editors’ finest product picks from 2021 …

Jibby CBD coffee

Whilst working from house basically indefinitely, we need our early morning caffeine boost, however we don’t constantly wan na hit the stimmies too hard and feel like a rat in a cage. That’s where Jibby is available in, making tasty cold brew coffee that has 25 milligrams of CBD per can, which assists you get that much-needed AM lift without the insane jitters.


Cold Brew Coffee w/ CBD (12 Load)

OFFHOURS’ ultra-cozy homecoats

When we initially laid eyes on OFFHOURS‘ well-insulated, all-gender bathrobes (which come in a variety of moody neutral shades), we thought they appeared like ultra-chic Snuggies from the future. It turns out that they’re all that– and more. Unbelievably warm and comfy, and visually appealing in a modern-art method, OFFHOURS’ homecoats are certainly a splurge, however they quickly become vital for remaining comfortable in a chilly home throughout the winter.


Homecoat – Michelangelo

Optimist’s non-alcoholic spirits

There’s no shortage of elegant non-alcoholic spirits on the marketplace nowadays, as more and more young people seek methods to relax without getting totally filled, however our favorite of the bunch might be Optimist Distilled from a variety of herbs and botanicals, Optimist’s distinct varieties– Brilliant, Fresh, and Smokey– make rewarding, intricate alternative to vodka, gin, and tequila, respectively, with zero hangover or regrettable texts to exes. Bless you, Optimist, for providing us something to turn to when we chose to get our pandemic drinking under control and turn to advanced booze-free spirits rather.

Optimist Botanicals

Brilliant Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Optimist Botanicals

Smokey Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

A very economical noodle pounder

We know, we know, you’ve heard us talk about this cost effective sports-recover massager before, but it really is that great! While it isn’t the Theragun(we like those bad young boys too), the Olsky massage gun is the next best thing– specifically if you’re not looking to spend numerous dollars.


Deep Tissue Massage Weapon

Present those appendages

We’ve been riding the physical fitness train for a while now, and aching muscles are just part of the game. In addition to a dope, menthol-infused CBD balm, a roller is an excellent way to assist relieve muscle pain. The Tiger Tail is a favorite among runners and other professional athletes for blasting knots and loosening up stiff muscles.

Tiger Tail

Massage Stick Roller

Sturdy and reputable sneaks

No more Yeezys in 2022– we’re returning to our roots with these easy Adidas Grand Court Se tennis shoes. They last permanently, choose pretty much whatever, and have Cloudfoam Comfort insoles, which are soothing AF.


Grand Court Sneaker

This cold boi

We love an excellent chest freezer, and this wintry friend truly doesn’t take up as much area as you ‘d believe it would. It’s ideal for deep freezing meats or setting up a DIY kegerator, and when the apocalypse takes place, your stockpile of frozen burritos and Lean Food meals will be fantastic bartering tools.

The modest lap desk

We owe lap desks our lives, as they saved us from charred thighs throughout our year-long WFH stint. For the sofa workers amongst us (we see you; we are you), lap desks are important. Rec Room: given you by lap desks.

DEUX adaptogenic cookie dough

Often, bougie “natural food” of suspicious efficacy goes too far– and even worse yet, tastes like lawn clippings in addition to being snake oil. But we can with confidence state that as far as adaptogenic cookie dough DEUX goes, the experience is a pleasure on all levels, from the decadent texture to the abundant flavors (oh boy, the brownie batter) to the included perk of ingredients that improve resistance and can even assist skin and nails (hey there, collagen). Perfect for pleasing your late-night sweet tooth, one heaping spoonful at a time.


DEUX Resistance x Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


DEUX Improved Cookie Dough OG Range 3-Pack


DEUX Collagen x Brownie Batter Boosted Cookie Dough

OFFFIELD CBD workout drink

Did you, too, get truly into long walks and hikes during The Hell Times, then realized that hoofin’ it stays a priority forever? You might also delight in OFFFIELD, a CBD/CBG sports consume that you can toss in your water bottle and take with you for a calm, cool, collected method of hydrating and staying peppy no matter whether you’re strolling to the bodega or on an eight-mile trip. We attempted this things during peak pandemic and liked it, and it’s stayed a favorite since– although we actually need to stop calling it “weed Gatorade.”


boosted hydration

When the sun is your opponent

We need our charm rest, OK? It was finally time to graduate from utilizing a clean sock and shoelace as an improvised eye mask and get this impossibly soft, secure-but-not-too-tight mask from Brooklinen, one of our favorite bedding and home goods slingers.


Mulberry Silk Eyemask

The absolute finest lip-balm for chapped lips

The French wellness and appeal brand Nuxe is hands-down the reason everybody in Baguetteland has such hot, smart mouths, and we die on that hill. Rêve de Miel( which translates to “honey dream”) lip balm is one of their best items; it’s a velvety, beeswax-y hydration station for your lips that need to be used prior to bed, in the early morning, and whenever you require both wetness and defense.


Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

A multi-tasking glass dildo

Glass sex toys are excellence. Seriously. Name another sex toy that can catch the light of the sun and throw it back, in every sense of the word, with such randy energy? This double-duty dildo by Unbound Babes is a great G-spot and P-spot pleasing toy, can be utilized in temperature play, and looks sensational beside our crystal ball.

Unbound Babes

Gem Dual-Ended Glass Dildo

This velvet knot pillow is your brand-new BFF

Did you likewise mature eating Auntie Annie’s cinnamon pretzels at the shopping mall, and refurnishing your bedroom each week? Then twisty tube pillows are for you. Not only do they look remarkable, however they have a nearly sentient flair for cradling our neck, back, and whatever else requires some plushy TLC.

Jiu Jie

‘ Neon Crush’ Knot Pillow

Yes, air fryers are worth it– and this one’s king

Among Rec Room’s bravest writers evaluated this Ninja air fryer, and discovered that not just did it air-fry whatever she could think up like a pro, however she likewise fell for the dehydration feature for fruit slices and herbs. “The Ninja seems like it was born from that sense of clinical wonder,” she concludes, “It is the High Speed Rail of air fryers, and I am happy to be aboard.”


Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 8-Quart 2-Basket Air Fryer

Pole-dancing cowboy boots

We did not kid, when we said we had serotonin-poppin’ pole dancing cowboy boots for you and the gang. Like Nancy Meyers set dressing and burrata appetisers, these cowboy stiletto boots were developed to make you, and everyone in your orbit, definitely turned on. They’re not even that difficult to walk in, according to among our editors

Ellie Shoes

Women’s Dallas Western Boot

There’s a reason electrical blankets have staying-power

… Which reason is that they’re extraordinary. Each time you have a minor chill during motion picture night, a stingy roomie who won’t blast the heat, and the universal requirement to feel cocooned by the sun during nap time, this blanket will deliver. It likewise has an automated timer, so you can go to sleep with it on.


Microplush Heated Blanket with 10 Settings

See you in the brand-new year!

The Rec Space staff individually chosen all of the things included in this story.

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