What benefits will I enjoy as a Wipro employee?

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    Only benefit of WIPRO is you have Air Conditioned office.


    1)Low salary

    2)Poor quality of work with no learning

    3)Onsite opportunities is very limited and only 1 in 100 gets onsite.

    4) Very poor hike less than 4 percent annual.

    5)Tag of service based company

    6)Relocation every 3–4 months so no work life balance

    7)Forced resignation and termination is common in this company.


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    1. Wipro’s work environment is very good for a fresher.
    2. Provided with a good project, we can learn many new technologies.
    3. Training facilities to learn all the domain related stuffs are organised well here.
    4. We will see our growth both in our position and our knowledge.
    5. Each and everyone inside the team are treated equally.
    6. Fun and work both are appreciated.
    7. Not a very good package, but its good enough to start with.
    8. Easy relocation is possible.
    9. You wanna do higher studies, take a break for two years and come back again. Wipro always welcomes you.
    10. The work – life balance.


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    Here’s my thought after 4.5 years of survival in WIPRO:-

    1.Onsite (If you have this trust me you’re the GOD in Wipro)

    2. Hike (This is too much if i call it ‘Perk’ cause it’s even lesser than the term itself)

    3.Allowances, well this is policy and best part. They provide you best hotels to stay if you are being relocated or transferred for a while)


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    Getting job now a days itself is great benefit of one doesn’t belongs to HiFi collages.

    Anyway you’ll get to know how’s the corporate environment in every touch like training employees, work culture etc etc


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    Wipro in outsourcing companies is a perfect match for a fresher.

    Training is very good .work life balance is very good but den at the same time it depends on an individual.

    Wipro policies for project allocation and relocation are very employee friendly.

    Though the package offered is way too less but to start with its a very good option .one will get ample oppurtunities in various divisions to pursue his/her career as per his/her aspirations.

    I have met ample number of people whose first organisation was wipro and believe me they all memorize those days spent in wipro every now and then and the only reason why people have left is that of salary,no other drawback.

    I say NO extra benefits.

    All the MNC company having almost same facility and benefits provided. Where as will say less then other companies here you will find. Limited benefits only.


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    1. Good learining platform

    Rest benifits all are secondary as they are offered from ur salary ….


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    Wipro is my first employer and yes, it’s my first on campus job too. I have been here for almost 3 years (6 months in Kochi for training and rest in Kolkata ). So I think I am qualified to answer this.

    Let me list pros and cons of Wipro :


    1. It provides you a great and probably the best training as compared to other IT sectors in India.
    2. Probably in IT sector we assume people to be gloomy, sad, tensed due to immense work pressure. Believe me , here the scenario is just opposite. Every 9 out of 10 man you will find is happy, joyful and will welcome you with a smile (Not the trainers as they are often hired from other organisations). People will be more happy to help you if they are asked.
    3. Less effected by down-surging. Wipro has its own record to allow a few C1 /C2 resources for a period of 1.5 year in free pool. So, more or less your job is secured here.
    4. No bad events like eve-teasing, corporate ragging, harrassment of the female workers etc. If someone is caught somehow, action (say separation) is taken immediately. But hardly any such incidents happen here.
    5. Campus is green and pollution free. Though you can see stray dogs inside Kolkata campus very often, believe me they are less harmful and are corporate too. 😉
    6. Salary comes always in time.


    1. “Money”. Yes when it comes to hike, facilites, and onsites you should not expect much. Very less hike and onsite opportunites compared to the other IT companies in Indian market.
    2. Time in floor. This thing is introduced recenty for good purpose and for client transparency. But it is slowly becoming intollerable. You have to maintain 8–8.5 hours inside a glass chember (your ODC). 9.5 hour in campus is fair enough. But only 1 hour for lunch, tiffin, cigarettes and even bathrooms is not enough.
    3. Hardly any campus facilities like swimming pool, modern gym, cafeteria with various choice of food etc.

    Mate, no organisation is perfect. So, if you get a chance of attachment with this organisation it will be more or less good. Even if it becomes bad for you, you can learn something from that for your future. If you are fresher and without any other options please don’t throw it down. And if you are experienced please read my above points once again and choose which point is important for your case. As everyone has their different I just tried to give a sum up of what I think. Any modifications or suggestions are welcome.

    Just like every companies have Medical insurance Wipro has the same. Leaves , relocation allowance etc is the same like every company has in their policy.

    But one facility Wipro has is that you can take urgent loan like Contingency loan etc. of 25000 rupees with no interest i.e. every month 2000 rupees will get deduct from your salary till the loan outstanding amount is paid. Similarly there are other loan where you can take 18000 rupees if you need to serve your purpose. 2–3 loans are there in Wipro policy which an employee can avail when an employee require the amount to serve personal need.

    On Wipro products like Santoor Soaps, Bulbs,Yardley brand products etc. you get some discounts if you purchase these at Wipro premises.

    Senior employees at management level can take furnitures from Wipro at free cost and can purchase the same later at a depreciating value of that asset which saves money.

    • I am eligible to answer this question since i had been in wipro for 3.5 years.
    • You have to maintain 9.5hrs including your lunch and break time which is calculated by the first and last swipe
    • System calculates odc inside time also. Which is calculated by your odc door entry / out swipe. In portal you have this block which tells you how many hours you were inside the odc.
    • Some of the accounts – mainly support projects has a software installed in all the machines called “Trutime”,what this will do is it will calculate your activity time in your system. If you are watching you tube,fb,news,bank site etc etc these all go as “PRIVATE” time and not taken as your efforts. Eclipse,client vdi, documentation stuffs etc etc all goes in to “EFFORTS” and taken as productive time. Every week or twice in a month this report is being pulled and intimated to you by your manager or lead.

    Parental Insurance is an optional facility provided in Wipro. This insurance will be of 2 types.

    1. Standard Insurance
      1. Low Cost
      2. None of the previous or existing disease will not be covered. i.e. If they have any back pain or any major issues like skin related, cancer, fractures etc will not be covered.
      3. Waiting period applicable for pre-existing disease.
    2. Comprehensive Insurance
      1. Costlier (But I always suggest to go for this)
      2. Covers all diseases (Existing and newly diagnosed diseases) from the day you opt for the insurance.
      3. No waiting period at all.
      4. Personally I suggest to opt this Insurance policy.
    3. EMI Option
      1. Few employees might be getting less salary then the actual insurance cost (If they opt for both parents and in-laws).
      2. Hence this facility is introduced in last 2–3 years.

    The above policy is also applicable for in-laws as well.

    One more hack is there with this policy. I am not sure. I think you can’t upgrade/downgrade from Standard to Comprehensive or vice-versa for few years. Please read that properly.

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