What causes a pulsating sensation in my lower leg?

  • Probably nothing nice, your best option would be to go see a doctor as soon as you can, tonight would be preferable.

    My only question is had you been sitting on it previously? or history of high blood pressure etc etc

    If it is pulsating feel your pulse in your wrist and see if the pulsating corresponds to your pulse. If so, this is an artery that is pulsating in your lower leg and may be the first indication of the beginning of peripheral artery disease (PAD). It would occur after using your leg muscles for walking etc. This is a sign that your arteries are beginning to narrow due to plaque buildup. If that is the case you are only months away from experiencing angina as the heart arteries begin to narrow and is setting you up for a heart attack.

    Of course no one here on Quora can diagnose since the whole medical process is missing. Medical history with age, gender, and a history of the problem, and how it began, and how it is affecting you currently. What makes it worse, and what makes it better..Then a professional medical examination. Palpating the area. Seeing if it corresponds to your heart beat. Areas of tenderness, etc. none of this has been approached online so no diagnosis can be offered. Quora is not an online clinic. Therefore I suggest you seek a real healthcare provider for a more through assessment.

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    Having your sciatic nerve pinched

    Assuming it is throbbing feel your heartbeat in your wrist and check whether the throbbing compares to your heartbeat. Provided that this is true, this is a course that is throbbing in your lower leg and might be the primary sign of the start of fringe conduit sickness (PAD). It would happen subsequent to utilizing your leg muscles for strolling and so on This is an indication that your courses are starting to limit because of plaque development. Assuming that is the case you are just months from encountering angina as the heart supply routes start to limit and is setting you up for a respiratory failure.

    Obviously nobody here on Quora can analyze since the entire clinical cycle is absent. Clinical history with age, orientation, and a background marked by the issue, and how it started, and what it is meaning for you right now. What exacerbates it, and what makes it better..Then an expert clinical assessment. Touching the region. Checking whether it compares to your heart beat. Areas of delicacy, and so on no part of this has been moved toward online so no conclusion can be advertised. Quora is anything but a web-based center. Hence I recommend you look for a genuine medical services supplier for a more through appraisal.

    If it is painful, you may be talking about a muscle cramp. Muscle cramps in the lower leg are not uncommon. Muscle cramps are self limiting, that means, they go away on their own.

    If you just feel a throbbing sensation, with no pain, this could be from sitting in the same position too long and blood pooling in the veins.

    Medical studies have shown that sitting too long can be dangerous to your health.

    Instead, take a break every hour, even if it is only for 5 minutes. Walk around and give you legs a break.

    It is very important that blood not be allowed to pool in your legs, as this can be a cause of dangerous blood clots. This condition is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT blood clots.

    Try walking up and down the stairs if this is doable, every day, and walking as much as you can.

    If the throbbing or pulsing does not go away after two weeks of changing your habits, seek medical attention.

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    Lack of potassium. Eat bananas and the pulsating will subside. Do not stay in the same sitting position for too long. Also stay hydrated drink plenty of water if persists see your doctor

    Either two thinga that in aware of:

    1. Your feeling your own pulse due to an inflammation or higher heart rate.
    2. Your nerve is sending pulsing feeling down your leg . Like that of someone with pressure on the lumbar region can cause shocks down the legs.

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    Root cause

    It is possibly due to the accumulation of blood in the lower leg, which is common with a sedentary lifestyle, as explained in my another answer:

    John Lo’s answer to What are some ways a sedentary lifestyle can make you sick?


    With accumulation of blood, a greater effort is required to squeeze the blood back through the veins by contracting muscles to our heart.

    With the periodic contraction and relaxation of muscles, we feel the pulsating sensation in our lower leg.

    First of all, this is a medical question and I would suggest making an appointment with your physician, or at least an appointment at Urgent Care.

    Secondly, your question is not one that can be answered as it is not specific enough. You could mean a number of sensations that could be defined as “pulsating”.

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