What causes this sensation in my hands when I pee?

  • So, is anyone else STILL getting tingly ( lighting pain ) in hands & finger tips when you pee ? I am in 2021…REALLY ! Only happens when I hold it too long.

    When I have a UTI I get pain in my fingers when I pee. As soon as I’m done peeing it disappears. Strange but true.

    I have suffered with this for many years. The medical profession, as is usual when patient symptoms fall outside of whichever flow chart they learned in medical school, has been unable to find an answer to these symptoms. Here are some more details for those who want to try and find an answer. First off, this pain is progressive. When it first appeared, about 15 years ago, only the left hand little finger endured this pain. As time went by, the pain affected all of my fingers, on my left hand, and finally the entire hand up to the wrist. About a year ago, my right hand began to feel the pain, and now both hands hurt up to the wrist. The catalyst is always the same. If I hold my urine just a bit longer than is comfortable, the pain begins the moment I start to urinate, and continues until the last bit of urine has been voided. It then stops as if someone turned down a gas burner. There is no residual pain.

    Here are the results of some clinical tests:

    1. I have a neurogenic bladder, cause unknown.
    2. I recently tested positive for late stage Lyme disease.

    I feel it too, I have felt it for over 20 years (half my life). It’s actually at the left-base of my left palm, just above the wrist, and adjacent to the pinky finger.

    I only feel it trying to force out the last drops of pee, and it’s gone immediately I’m done.

    I have had this problem with every UTI I’ve had (and I’ve had many)! An AWFUL pain shoots from my shoulders to my hands when I pee! It seems to get worse as the infection progresses. I’ve mentioned this to the dr before, and he had never heard of this problem. After reading some of your comments, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! If anyone has discovered the cause of this, I’d love to hear it! I don’t have any other underlying conditions (that I know of)…

    Been happening to me for years. Definitely weird especially because i only feel it when touching but if i switch hands it changes hands. Probably will never find out because when i asked doctor he immediately shot me down saying no such thing exists haha

    I have just finished trying to search up the reasons for this to happen when I know I do not have a UTI or Kidney infection. Ugh! I am glad to see that I am not the only person who experiences this. For me, it’s a sharp pain in the centre of my palms, and happens if I’ve waited to long to empty my bladder. I have had it during an infection, but this is a new thing. Just adding it to the list of Fibromyalgia-related weird stuff.

    It is quite an unusal or rare case. It could be some kind of referred pain. Usually even referred pain is not so distant like in your case. However, I think it is possible, if those nerves co-stimulated in the upper spinal cord or brain level. I think there is no need of worry for that. For the detail you may see here: Referred pain

    I just had this happen as well. Female, post-menopausal. I developed UTI symptoms the other day (urethral pain and constant urge to pee), presumably from friction of intercourse. Every time I pee it hurts to pee, and simultaneously when it hurts like that I get a sharp electrical-like ache in my right thumb and index finger, running down my arm. I experimented with holding my arms and body different ways, kept happening. Third day now. Same thumb that aches when I don’t eat right. Very odd!!

    Oh my goodness! I literally have tears in my eyes. I have this same thing and I can totally relate to so many of these comments that other people experiencing this have left. I highly suspect Fibromyalgia in myself but have not been able to get the diagnosis confirmed. There are only two rheumatology practices in my area- I have been to one with no luck (maybe lose some weight and move more, that should help) and i have been waiting for months to get scheduled with the other.

    I also suffer the peculiar tingling of shoulders down to finger tips. This is my signal to get antibiotics into system as it’s definately a urinary infection. I only get this horrid feeling when I have an infection and no one has been able to tell me why.

    Veins can’t hurt or be felt other than if inflamed, so it must be something else, muscles contracting as a sign of relief?

    Am not aware of any such association.

    could you be peeing on your hands maybe?

    It could be diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, vitamin b12 deficiency or a urinary tract infection. It could be a lot of things you should check with your medical professional as some of these can be serious.

    good luck

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