What does it feel like to get caned as punishment in Singapore?

  • I was Caning officer of Changi prison in Singapore for almost 12 long years. I have caned more 1150 inmates during these 12 years. Earlier there used to be large number of mens being caned, but now in recent years the number has decreased. Now maximum men recieve only 2 or 3 strokes of cane. Rarely a man gets 24 strokes of cane.Some get 5–6 strokes. Earlier, the number of strokes for each man was quite high.

    We as a caning officer, have to apply all our weights to cane a man. We are given special training for caning. I had won several medals in martials arts and javelin throw. A caning officer should have a very good arm. We give strokes to all males at an interval of 30 seconds.

    We cane all males to make cuts across their whole buttocks.All men cry like babies. There is profuse bleeding from buttocks and cuts that we gave it to inmates. We try to distribute the pain in all area of the butt of the inmates.We can’t give a stroke twice to a man, if it misses, then the chance is gone. As everyone knows, the complete body of man is naked, except a tiny cloth across his penis.

    A man has to bend in 90 degrees and show his buttocks. We also have mandatory distance between legs of a man. If the legs of inmate are apart, then it inflicts more pain to buttocks of a man and more bleeding. It is like chopping the buttocks of a man, the flesh of buttocks may fly away in air also.

    A caning officer can give only 6 strokes at one time to a male inmate, the reason being, thr caning officer gets tired. All strokes should have equal force and pain to the buttocks of a man. We are not allowed to show mercy to them. All men struggle in the Caning stand, they are not able to move, but all men move with a force like that of animals. They try to shake their buttocks and save them from strokes, but all are unsucessful and struggle a lot during whole process.

    We show a little mercy to a man who poops, pee and other discharge from body while caning. We wait until a man passes his urine and feaces and then cane him. If a man vomits, faints, etc or not able to take his punishment, then we stop after doctor’s signal.

    Most wealthy men, having political connections, etc give us bribes sometimes, so that we miss out a stroke or give him the strokes lightly. I have seen many officers taking bribes from prisoners. Caning and imprisonment is mandatory.

    After caning a man he cripples and is not able to walk. He is taken to a bed, after that his buttocks are applied medicines and ointments. It takes 1 or 2 months time to heal, but black stripes across buttocks are permanent for a man caned.All men are in terrible pain after caning, some prison officials also provide them weed and other stuff to relieve pain if given money.

    But, All men are not able to poop, urinate after their caning. Some men find it difficult to pass normal stools everyday after caning. This causes a serious problems for many men. They are required to be hospitalized, if required. Some men develop intestine disorders after their canings and can lose their lives also after the process.

    All men have watery discharge from their buttocks for some days. They are advised not to wear clothes for some days. But some men wear clothes and their wounds don’t heal.

    According to me, caning should be on back side, just above spinal cord. The caning should be such that, It should not take lives of inmates.Ass, buttocks is a vital part for anyone, even animals. So anyone can die after hard and long canings, if he is not able to poop and pee.

    Note: More questions in comments will not be answered. Please frame other questions, I will answer them seperately. I am not bound to diclose my name as per rules. Canings take place in closed compound only. Sometimes, other officials may witness the punishment. Please don’t believe any fake rumours. In prison, the inmates themselves spread rumours.Even the toughest man is in fear and gets terrible feeling because of which he talks insane. We don’t allow others to witness the humiliation of a man. We alone make a man humiliate, cane him hard in closed premise and make to stay him naked for a few days.

    I was taken to Changi prison in 2004 when I was only 19 years Old. I was given orange shirt and orange pants- the prison dress. Two blue colour underwears. I was not told the exact day, when I would be caned. This suspense is not good for prisoner. I had many sleepless nights.

    But, one fine day, as chosen by officials, you are told to wake up early in morning around 5 am. The policeman comes to wake you up and tells you that- you will be caned today. 16 strokes of Cane. You have to get ready. Bath and only have little breakfast as directed.

    A prisoner has to be completely naked. He then goes to a doctor. Doctor checks his buttocks, anus, penis also checks his stomach, asks for any previous diseases, intestine disorders and accordingly makes note of the same. If anyone is suffering from Piles he is not caned, not even one stroke. I was completely naked and checked in that shameful position only. Finally, a lion cloth was given to me and other prisoners to cover our penis. We could also visit Toilets if required, considering the situation we were going to be in. Then I had lined up. I was 10th and last in row. I could hear loud caning noises and cries of other men being caned.

    Once my turn came, I was tied to trawse. Padded and being caned. Even one stroke of cane could have kept me running for miles together- the Caning is such hard. One person, holds your neck, the other holds your back to not allow you to move and ensure that impact of cane is maximum and you deserve your punishment. Discharge either from penis or buttocks is quite common. Considering 16 strokes, I too discharged. It is terrible feeling and whole body shivers automatically. You don’t have control over your body. I was even fainting some times. The cane would hit the same wounds again and again, so you can imagine how It feels. It far painful than Whip on whole body. The heavy soaked rattan literally tears the whole buttocks and develops deep deep cuts across the whole buttocks, which makes daily activities uncomfortable. Once the caning is over you are untied. I had to clean myself first. I touched my buttocks a little and caused tremendous pain. My hands were full of blood. After that, one yellow colour lotion is applied to my buttocks. All men rest with their caned buttocks up. On every single buttocks you can see deep red lines. Policemens roam and inspect every prisoner.

    I was photographed naked after my punishment for evidence. After resting for a while I was taken to my cell with help of others. It is hardest punishment in whole world. I was not comfortable for 1 month. My whole buttocks were sore and double the normal size after harsh caning. I still have scars and black lines across my buttocks. I had to sleep naked the whole day on my stomach and keep moaning in pain. The trauma is tremendous. If you don’t behave in disciplined way during your time in prison, you are liable to be caned in your cells. The process is same but in our cells. I was also caned in my cell. So it doesn’t feel good to be caned. You cry the hell out of yourself. The after effects are horrible and can’t be erased from the rest of your life.

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    I was caned in Changi prison in Singapore. I had received 10 strokes of cane and five years of jail in 2008. The Cane is soaked in brine to inflict more pain to prisoner. The skin of buttocks tears after 2 strokes of caning the offender. One person holds your neck. After 3rd stroke of rattan cane, the bleeding starts. The pain of Judicial caning in Singapore is beyond words. The male buttocks are really set on fire. Some men urinate while caning, some faint, some penis become erect, some even discharge semen. Medical check up is compulsory. If you faint, while taking the punishment, you are checked by doctor again and if doctor signals “YES” then you are again tied to A- shaped tawse and given the remaining strokes. If doctor signals “NO”, then your remaining strokes of cane are reserved and you will receive your punishment on later fixed day.

    All males are completely naked, except lion cloth across their penis. Buttocks and the whole body is exposed. The victims of the offence that you committed are specially invited to witness your poor buttocks being caned.

    In the caning area, all males are waiting for their turn. All men hear the pain of other males. Sound of caning is so high, that it seems bullet is fired on our buttocks. After canings, males are removed and with help of others walk till bed. They rest for 10 minutes after which they are taken to their cells. All males rest with their caned buttocks up. Bleeding continues for some time and ointment is applied to buttocks of males.

    You can’t sleep and sit straight for 2 months to be precise. Going to toilet is a problem. You are naked in your cell in Changi. Policemen come and urinate when you are in pain, they touch your wounds, play with them. All males cry hard and loud, except few laughing policemen. You are given ointment for daily application to your buttocks and wounds take 1 month to heal. But the pain and scars are permanent.

    So, Caning in Singapore is worst treatment given to humans. It is even worst than animals. Some men find it difficult to sit on their buttocks even now for years!!

    When American Michael Fay was sentenced to a six-stroke —later reduced to four-stroke—judicial caning in Singapore in the 1990s, the American newspapers were full of graphic descriptions of such punishments. The pain is intense enough that victims often go into shock after the first couple of strokes. I doubt any description is capable of communicating the intensity of the pain. One person, who’d undergone a judicial caning, described the experience as something that went beyond localized pain to something felt throughout his entire body. Such canings can leave cuts in the flesh that cause permanent scarring.

    I won’t include photographs here, but one can easily find them on the internet. They aren’t for the squeamish.

    As a 16 year old, I had committed robbery. I had been sent to reform school or Jail ment for Juveniles. In Singapore as a part of punishment, the juvenile offenders may it be a girl or boy has to visit prison for seeing the Caning of adult male criminals only. In my reform school, majority were boys and only 3 girls in reform school. We all had to spent 4–5 days in Changi.

    I spoke to many prisoners. All had some fear, feeling of guilt. All inmates wanted to avoid the punishment. They were quite anxious about as to when they will be caned. All behave like insane.

    And the day arrived when some criminals were going to be caned. We including girls witnessed everything.

    Firstly all men wholey naked are in closed room in morning 8am. Everyone is naked. Shaving of public hair is compulsory. Also no hair on buttocks. There were 15 men, who were going to be caned that day. A team of doctors, which can include female doctor also, checks the body of inmates. Their whole body below the stomach is frisked.

    Testicles, penis and the groin area, the buttocks, anus etc. Their blood pressure is also checked. After checking the male inmates carefully, they are certified to be caned.

    Everything in public. We all were feeling very embarrassing, so think about that criminals. They had immense fear on their faces.

    Atleast everyone is certified fit. At 9.30 am the caning started. Firstly the naked man is only given a tiny cloth to cover his penis. Police official who is senior announces his punishment. _____ no of strokes of cane and ____ no of years of rigorous imprisonment. The Man before him has to say “ Yes accepted and thank you for my punishment.

    He is then taken to A shaped caning trawse, where he has to spread his legs. His legs are tied and cuffed. He is also padded to protect the kidneys, only a man’s bare buttocks are visible. His hands are tied on the top. He has to bend over a little. He is tied so that he can’t move freely. Before giving the stroke of cane the number is counted.. 1,2,3 and more. The caning noise is very loud, I still remember it after 19 long years. The cane which lands on buttocks tears all skin around it. The male inmates can only cry and moan in pain. His whole body shivers. The Man who I witnessed being Caned- didn’t open his eyes until he was untied. He was shedding tears, he was in immense pain and that can been seen. He was struggling like animal being slaughtered. His buttocks couldn’t be recognized after being caned. He couldn’t even stand after caning, forget about walking and sitting normally. Whole buttocks were full of blood. He also had discharged considering such severe punishment. In Singapore, a large piece of soft tissue is stuffed in mouths of a man being caned, to avoid screaming. He can only moan in pain. He also had peed.

    After he was untied, he was taken to a room, where all men were seeing crying with deep red lines across their buttocks. The doctors who had checked them earlier applied ointment and antiseptics. After effects are horrible as a human. We went to their cells. They couldn’t even poop properly after such harsh canings.

    In reform schools also, only boys are caned, not girls. The caning is very severe not as this, we atleast have underwear to wear. The cane doesn’t strike at more than 160kmph. But yeah caning in reform schools change our behaviour for sure. I was caned multiple times and very hard.

    The result is that after 19 years, I am engineer working with aerospace engineering company and have a wife and 1 year old kid. All because of this demonstration and reform. I didn’t even commit any mistake after that and won’t ever from now on.

    I had received 12 strokes of cane in judicial caning for robbery in Singapore in december 2016. Canings are mostly reserved for Men below 50 years of age. Being caned is terrible feeling. Each stroke of cane is like bullet being fired at you butts. When a male is being caned, he feels the stinging feeling in his whole body not only his buttocks.Most of the men have strong and hard erections during their canings as per my. Our buttocks were not allowed to be moved. The cane lands the buttocks at speed of more than 160 to tear apart the flesh. The first three strokes tear the skin off and from 4th stroke the buttocks bleed. Some men faint, vomit and also pee. The intention of caning is to cause maximum pain for more number of days and tear his flesh off. The cane has flesh of the buttocks, imagine the amount of pain. Females won’t withstand such harsh and cruel punishment.

    After the caning, most men are naked for 15 days, because you can’t wear your pants forget the underwear. Complete healing of judicial canings for males takes 2–3 months to heal completely, But still after that your buttocks hurt. Some feel the pain even after years of canings.

    Most of the men prefer resting with their buttocks up in their cells for most of the days.Some males are evened caned in their cells privately in same manner as above.

    Most males reflect over their mistakes while in imprisonment. It is complete trauma, pain and humiliation. The canings in singapore are designed in this way that every man repents over his mistakes and feels guilty and ashamed. The pain due to judicial canings stay with the man for rest of his life, if number of strokes are more than 10. I can bet on that. Most men who are caned will agree with me.

    Most of the jails in singapore release men if their conduct is good. Now a days almost 60–70% of men are released early due to good behaviour. During our imprisonment we are given Good books, there are many programmes for improvement of prisoners. I had completed my punishment of imprisonment of 6 years. I was even caned during my cell for improper behaviour. The lady from whom I had stolen the money witness my complete canings. She later on also visited to see me in my cell in prison.

    So caning punishment in Singapore for males is beyond words and pain can’t be described. Canings are similar to slow poison death.

    Read the whole story, you will understand how it feels like to get caned as punishment in Singapore.

    I will talk about Judicial caning reserved for ONLY FOR MALES in Singapore. I was given 18 hard strokes of rattan cane on my buttocks in Changi prison in Singapore. I had stayed in Singapore for more than 90 days unknowingly on business trip. Singapore Police came to my home on 21st day, took me to a special court. The proceedings of the courts take place very fast. You are told the number of imprisonment and number of cane strokes that you have to take as your punishment.You are given a lawyer, but no mercy. I was first ordered to be given 24 strokes, the maximum as per Singapore laws, But some good men reduced it to 18 because of being foreigner. I was also punished with 1 year of imprisonment.

    Arrested men are sent to prison after that. Changi is worst human prisons in world- not only for men. Changi is world- famous for its Ill-human treatment. You are not told the day when you will be caned. Caning occur every day. On the punishment day, policeman come to wake you early. after that you bath, go to toilet,etc daily chores. After that, you are forced to strip completely naked, only one tiny cloth is given to cover penis of man. We were not given break-fast. I was caned with 100 men on that day. There immense tension and fear on every man’s face, believe me.

    You are given numbers. There is medical check-up and all males are mostly fit for caning. As you wait in caning area, where policeman reads out your punishment loudly and you accept it. In caning area” Allah- Akbar” is heard most. The noise of cane is similar to bullets. Each man shiver’s despite the strength of his penis. Noises of crying men can be heard. Even the hardest dick cries!!! It is more on mental pain and trauma.

    My chance came. I was tied to A- Shaped tawse. i was padded around stomach to protect kidneys. Only buttocks visible. As 1st stroke landed, I felt terrible pain.After 4th stroke, my ass bleeded. The skin of buttocks opens up. Tissues of buttocks stick to cane. Cane is soaked in Anti-septic liquid as soon as caning is over to prevent STDs. The buttocks are striked at 180 kmph to tear apart the skin.Earlier the speed was 160kmph, But believe me, the speed has increased.

    The hands and legs of all males tied. Legs of all are spreaded- atleast 15 inches distance between both legs of a man, because if you spread your legs, tissues of buttocks open up and cause more pain. It is terrible pain of caning, which is beyond this world. You don’t understand anything. You just stand numb tied and pain increases with each stroke. After 18 strokes, my buttocks were bleeding continuously. The caned males are not able to walk. Some men faint, some defecate , some urinate and fart out loud while caning. Most men got penis erections while caning. Even my penis erected very high. I had fainted and urinated.

    After you are untied, 1 policeman takes you to men, where all men with bleeding buttocks are sleeping and crying and moaning in pain. Men are allowed 10 minutes rest, where ointment to buttocks are applied for name sake. After 10 minutes, men are taken to their cells. The pain is unbearable. Imprisonment is 23 hours a day for both males and females in Singapore.

    Some men pay money and get weeds and cigars and policemen also favour them. They treat them specially.

    Other men criminals are torchered hard again in their cells for a couple of days. The wounds don’t heal. All males sleep on their stomach for days. I was completely naked for 25 days sleeping with my buttocks up. Other mens are naked too. You can’t wear even your underwear for days. During these 25 days, all men just eat and go to toilet, they don’t take 1 hour break as allowed to them, because most of the men are not able to stand or walk. I completely rested for 25 days. Your buttocks only want rest. Policemen play with our wounds with some pointed implements. and laugh out loud. All men moan at night during their sleep.Some men again start to bleed and are in pain once again because of policemen torcher.

    The scars on buttocks hurt for more than a month. Complete healing requires 3 months in prison. But scars are permanent. I was caned in 2017 and still have scars and trouble in sitting straight on my butt. It hurts even now. I am taking medical treatment in my country. My wife cries after seeing my permanent scars on buttocks after sex every time.

    So, it is very painful experience. I agree that a person should be caned for molesting, rape, kidnapping and serious offence, But for staying in one land- THIS IS VERY HARSH PUNISHMENT. Please have your say.

    Unlike some countries where corporal punishment is disallowed, even at home, it is allowed here in Singapore.

    Never gotten a public caning myself, but as a kid, the cane was used as form threat or punishment.

    Bottomline: IT HURTS,

    and if your gonna get it from the public authorities its gonna hurt even more.

    From reading this this is torture and every country in the world should refuse any trade at all with Singapore until it stops. No imports or exports at all. Including food. Any country with such severe human rights abuses should not exist.

    Well, I would like to tell caning as punishment in India- both judicial and school corporal punishments.

    Firstly, it is totally banned for anyone, whether criminals or students. It has been abolished since long. But, still is practiced by Police in India. During, Covid-19 lockdown in India also, caning by lathis was wide used on roads, itself on many people in India, including women and girls also.

    I haven’t visited prison during my life till now for any crime. But one of my female friends, who was just accused of Corporate fraud in leading company of India was sent to Byculla female prison in Mumbai, India. When, she went, she was ordered to completely strip. If, you hesitate to strip, then female cop will give you 3–4 strokes of Lathis( Indian Cane) there itself. My friend was completely naked for 1–2 hours. After, that she was then given white dress, white underwear- unwashed and dirty and very limited sanitary pads. After, she wore the dirty clothes, she was taken to her cell.

    It is a custom in Indian Jails- Whether accused or convict, whether man or women, irrespective of crime, to welcome you with very hard beatings on your buttocks, lower legs, lower back with Thick Lathi or Stick. The intensity is quite harsh and number of strokes can vary- not limited to 10–20. People, often bleed, after such punishments. But, as told by her, she was not able to stand also, after the beatings. Every prisoner, is out of his/her breath after beatings. She felt unconscious also. Many feel the same.

    After, revival, prison round is given in morning. The prisoners have to wake up, do their morning chores and are again locked up in their cells. There is absolutely, no privacy in Indian jails. Bathrooms, are common. You won’t find your washed underwear and clothes. You have to wear another person clothes or remain naked. It is totally unhygienic in Indian jails. Food, is also not of good quality, but yeah one can survive. Meat is served occasionally. Some of the Indian festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Rest of the time, everyone is locked in prisons. If, you have special skills, then you can work also and get paid.

    Females, in prisons are made naked very often, they are raped. Females, in prisons don’t get sanitary napkins. They have to prove, that they are on periods. Beatings, in Indian prisons are quite common, once in a couple of days. My, friend was beating after every 15 days, without any fault of hers. She, also told me, that she was not able to sleep on her back comfortably, all the time she was in jail.One, can fracture, hands, groin area, legs, very easily, etc.

    My, friend, after being released, is still facing problems in pregnancy. Her vagina was damaged. So, Overall Indian jails are very inhuman and I think, it should be, Otherwise, how it can be called jails. But, punishments has to be in limits. We all are human beings and can commit mistakes. It should, not damage a person physically and mentally both.

    Regarding, school corporal Punishments, it has been stopped completely now, even for boys. No one is punished. Palm and Hand caning was quite common earlier, even for girls. Buttocks caning is rarely administered on anyone. But, I have seen some dreadful incidents, such as making students remove their skirts, pants, hitting them hard, murga punishments (Indian Squats) is also commonly found. But, overall, teachers in India have stopped punishing students- It is illegal and can land one in Jails.

    I am a girl and was punished with caning on hands and buttock, way back in school in 2006–2007s.

    Edits: Are welcome any time. Thanks:)

    It feels terrible. It is deep physical pain plus mental pain. When I was caned, like every man, I was forced to stand naked. Doctors examined me. All offenders are told to bend down. The doctors check the buttocks in that bending position. The penis and anus is also checked.They also measure the blood pressure. Your hear the cries, yelling and harsh caning sounds while you are being examined. After that, only tiny cloth is given to cover the penis.

    You are advised to visit toilet for poop and pee, because the policemen don’t want your shit while you are being caned. Once you are tied, and the rattan cane hits the buttocks, all inmates struggle like hell which can’t be described. You better watch the video available on internet. I don’t know how these videos were taken, because no one is allowed near punishment area. The heavy soaked cane causes deep wound across the whole area of buttocks. You want to stop the process but can’t. Buttocks are the most vital part of human body. It is soft tissue. Cane strikes at lightening speed to tear the flesh.

    You shout, cry and only moan in pain. The pain is tremendous and has ever lasting impact. Name sake treatment is given, because intention is simple, the policemen want to see you in pain.

    More over, even if you are caned once, you can be caned in your prison cells also. The process is same. Men are tied to caning tawse in their cells only, where they are detained. And cane is applied to their bare bottoms only. So you can be caned multiple times on your buttocks, if you have penis in front and commit an offence. Many prisoners received more than 24 strokes, the maximum in Singapore. Some can’t withstand even 1 stroke of cane.

    So overall it is worst treatment given to criminals by any country. It is type of punishment, which existed long back. After judicial caning the offender can’t sit on his buttocks for days together, forget about wearing clothes. I couldn’t wear even my underwear after the caning.

    I was guilty of rape by my wife, I don’t know how there can be rape between husband and wife? And how was I guilty? This punishment should be abolished altogether be it man or women. It has ruined life of many prisoners and innocent people without any fault.

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