What does mixed flora in urine mean?

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    Flora refers to the organisms that we see when we examine it in the lab. Mixed means we see both what we expect to see (the normal ones) and what are not supposed to be there (the ones we should see for example, in the skin or the vagina or anus). Generally speaking, mixed flora means contamination of the urine specimen, hence it does not help in any way to make good decision how to treat. Why is this so? There is supposed to be just one foreign organism — usually the pathologic one, that remains in urine if it is truly infected. Because being pathologic and “strong” at that, it discourages or renders difficult the growth of other ones, especially those normal ones. It’s like an invasion. It kills all the guards and other armies. Hence, if we see mixed organisms, where is the pathology? They seem to be friendlies living in harmony….

    However, there appears to be some evidence that mixed flora may represent an actual mixed infection, especially in certain chronic conditions like the presence of foreign body like a catheter. Thus it is more prudent to treat them as such.

    • Depends on why you got the urine test done.
    • Did you have urinary symptoms – burning during urination, increase frequency of urination
    • Do you have a history of urinary stones?
    • Do you have diabetes?
    • Do you have a history of urinary catheterization in the recent past?
    • Urine is normally sterile – means it doesn’t grow organisms
    • Mixed flora could mean external contamination – which could be from your skin in the private parts, contaminated bottle, contamination by microbiology staff.
    • All the above information has to be combined to make a proper interpretation.

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    That there were no bacteria seen on the culture, just mixed urogenital flora – the normal stuff that lives in the GU tract. So, essentially, the urine culture was negative.

    From what I know about it is the same bacteria that we find on our skin. If there are Flora there, then it could be from your hands.

    If you are getting problems, then you need to see a doctor and they will send it to the lab and make sure there is no contamination or infection.

    You could always type this question in your search engine and see what you can find from either webmd or a urinary site.

    That will help you, but what I cannot understand is why, if you had a test that would have been done at the doctor’s office and why they did not explain what it was and if it was normal or infection????

    Very puzzling to me.

    Contamination, because deep in the urinsry tract here cannot (within reasonable odds) be such a diverse flora with several different species of bacteria. By contrast, such a ecosystem is the norm on skin. Thus the bacteria that grows in the sample are not the one(s) living in the bladder, if any. The sample is useless in diagnosing or excluding an urinary tract infection.

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    most likely it means too many organisms are found in your urine sample. which is very common if you havenot collected the sample in a sterile manner i.e correct manner. Inappropriate method of collection causes contamination of the sample with the many bacteria found on our skin known as commensals.

    usually in urine infection we have a single or two culprits causing infection.

    so if it is simply mixed flora then i think doctor will request a redo test.

    It means you have several different kinds of microorganisms in the urine. Some may not have any clinical significance, others may cause symptoms of a urinary tract infection such as E. coli or B. vaginalis. Yeast in urine can cause itching and discomfort especially in women, but also in men. It may also indicate the presence of trichomonas, an amoeba like microbe that is a common sexually transmitted disease that causes itching.

    Mixed flora usually means the urethral bacteria clouding a true negative answer.

    They could be important if you are immunocompromised and “let” all those bacteria grow because you’ve tamped down the effectiveness of your immune system. If that’s the case, they might have significance if reported in great numbers.

    The fact that they didn’t specify what the bacteria are is a good reason to believe they are insignificant contaminants.

    It means the urine specimen was not a good clean catch urine sample. The urine was contaminated with vaginal secretions. It is of no value as a culture

    It means that some of the microorganisms which naturally live on people got into a urine sample when it was being collected. This can happen if, for example, it isn’t a mid-stream sample, or a hair drops into it.

    You don’t. Your body is loaded with flora; most of it is there to maintain a healthy body. If your doctor ordered a urinalysis and culture because you have symptoms of a UTI, the test is negative unless your culture shows >100K organisms like E.Coli or another similar pathogen. If you’re having symptoms like dysuria, push fluids. Talk to your doctor about a course of pyridium. It’s an OTC that reduces bladder inflammation. It will make your pee orange! If you’re diabetic, take good care of yourself. If symptoms persist, see a urologist.

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