What is a superb name for a playlist of depressing music …

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    The smiths greatest hits.


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    To be honest I would go with “Superb Playlist of Depressing Music”.


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    I find these names too fancy for a playlist, to be honest.

    Though I am not very good at naming, but these are a few suggestions –

    • Miserable
    • Waiting and waiting
    • Yesterday’s Gone
    • I wish I Knew
    • Loved You First
    • Cannot Blame Her/Cannot Blame Myself
    • Helpless Line
    • Instrumentally Yours
    • Bittersweet
    • Secret of Happiness
    • Another Day
    • Redemption
    • Save Me Now
    • Bury Me
    • Some Hearts Cannot Be Broken/Some Hearts Cannot Be Healed
    • Gloomy Day
    • Dismal
    • Heartbroken
    • Tragedy
    • Dispiriting
    • Unfortunately Yours
    • Awfully Wrecked
    • Agonizing Times
    • Disapproval
    • At Fault
    • Mistaken
    • Misunderstandings
    • Love Can Fail
    • Anger Shows Love
    • Old Happy Times

    That makes up most of the names I can think right now. Hope this helps. 🙂

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    Some of my personal favourites I named:

    Jesus Christ, Are These Tears?

    I Put My Heart On A Skateboard and I Rolled It Down the Hill

    Solitude Is Not An Attitude

    Actually, I’ve Been Broken All Along

    No Sleep Tonight, No Stars In Sight

    I’m Not Feeling Blue I’m Feeling Black

    A Mixtape and A Bottle of Tears


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    Rejection & Dejection

    Woe Is Me

    Downcast Downloads

    Wallowing In Self Pity

    Tears & Fears, I’m In Slow Gear

    Why Me?

    Tissues Needed

    Songs Of Gloom & Doom

    Downers Bringing Me Downer(If that’s even a word? But hey, It’s my playlist, I can name it what I want! Lol)

    Nobody Loves Me, Whahh

    Achy Breaky Heart

    Izz Got The Blues

    Antidepressants Optional

    Songs To Slit My Wrist By

    That’s What I Get For Giving A Damn

    Life Sucks, Nobody Cares, So What?


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    I cannot give you a list. But of all the songs that I have heard in my lifetime, that are relevant to my experience, I think that Dust in the Wind by Kansas is not only prophetic but very beautiful and depressing, because it’s true, in the end. No matter how much we try to extend our lives, no matter how much we may beg, plead or promise to whatever god we believe in, in the end we ultimately end up being dust in the wind. I have felt this way since I first heard that song, and it has been over 40 years. In a strange way, it’s also very comforting. It doesn’t take away our obligation as human beings to be decent, kind, and giving to our fellow human beings. It says nothing about any rewards that we may or may not receive in an afterlife, if there is one. But in the literal sense, we all end up dust in the wind, no matter what our dogma may be.

    The best would be to make it personal to the feeling and songs. Use these (and others) to start brainstormig ideas. If you really care – dont stop writin down ideas for 20 minutes, that’s when the truly creative ones start to roll out.


    Deliberate Desolation

    Rainy Tuesday

    After it happened

    This feeling

    Basket of Bottles

    Jar of Tears

    Very much depends on the specific songs and mood/type of saddness you’re going for.


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    Cloudy skies over morose fields.


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    I called mine ‘Melancholic Melodic Melodrama’ and ‘Mournful Musical Machinations’. Can create a few different playlists using the same words, or variants thereof. Mournful Melancholic Melodies for example, makes for a tough time remembering what was on which list though.


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    Oh man – my 8tracks was full of miserable emo music from 2013–2015. I’d use a lot of fancy words for simple adjectives: lethargic, despondent, nefarious, and so on. Depending on if you want people to remember this playlist, (assuming youre putting it on Spotify or something instead of just keeping it to yourself) I’d look up others to see if you aren’t accidentally copying somebody. Quotes are also a good way to start – from TV shows, books – hell, even quote posts from tumblr. Hope it works/worked out for you!


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