What is the most embarrassing punishment in Indian schools?

  • Embarrassing punishment? huh?

    how can we forget this one….

    Here’s what happens in primary school

    Me: ( talking too much in class)

    Teacher: Dhruv, you are talking too much..stand up and sit there. Right between them

    Me: Miss, but they are…are….girls.( in a bit emotion)

    Teacher: Now please talk as much as you want with them.

    whole class:

    For me this was the most embarassing moment in the class.

    As I grew up, I wished for that punishment 🙂


    Even after a decade since the incident, it still cracks us up when we talk of it!

    My school had classes from nursery till class 12 in the same compound. We were in class 12 at that time. My classroom was the one near the water cooler and the toilets, so all students and teachers on our floor had to cross my classroom to use the facilities. The wing supervisor’s chamber also happened to be right across our classroom.

    My friend group used to be very notorious and infamous for our classroom antics. We were known history-sheeters, almost like the criminals in the “Usual Suspects”.

    This one fine day,


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    The class was quiet and so was the teacher.

    It had been 15 minutes and she hadn’t scolded anyone.

    Her mind was getting angry about the fact that she hadn’t been angry on anyone in this class that day.

    So here came the words, “ X, I told you three days ago to get a haircut done.”

    “Sorry ma’m.”

    She looked at her bag. This bag had every weapon of mass destruction. Everyone then got an idea that something terrible was going to happen to X and they all were ready to enjoy and laugh.

    She took out a hairband from her bag.

    “ X. You come here’

    She took his hair and made a bun which approximately looked like th


    I have received several embarrassing punishments. I could share one which comes in top of my head.

    It was on my 18th Birthday and I was in my +2 class. Usually uniforms are provided to us from our boarding institute. But as it was my Birthday, my parents and uncle (dad’s brother) came that morning with a new set of dress and chocolates. Morning we met in church and had some time together. The dress looked similar to this image

    As it was my birthday I put the new clothing and went to class with chocolates to distribute. I went to classroom after prayer with excitement. But somehow I fell down and


    I don’t know if it happens now, but I was once punished in the most embarrassing way one could!

    I was in 3rd std, in a school in Sagar, MP. There was this sir who was the most stringent and the most feared in school. One fine day(not fine for me) I remember I did some mischievous thing, probably teased a girl, I cant remember exactly! I am 21 now. So the girl complained to sir, and I was called in front of whole class!

    First, he shouted at me, and then the very next moment, to my surprise, he caught hold of my legs and held me upside down. WTF! And then again he started saying something, probabl


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    Embarrassing is a small word…

    I was in the Middle school (6–7th standard), I don’t remember.We had computer science as our subject, and as every students life even my life was filled with home works, i was bad at maths home works, i used to always forget them but would manage to complete by the time teacher arrives our class but i love home works which involved drawings, so there was this drawing home work in computer subject where in we need to draw the complete figure like below:

    But I completely forgot about it as we had computer subject only twice a week, i was a bit lazy to complete.

    Ok i wa


    originally answered in:

    Is humiliating your child in public as a means of discipline effective?

    Naked at 15

    so i was in class 9 and not a bit interested in studies, i failed in my quarterly exams “the paper was quite easy and rest all of class passed, your child is a duffer”- this is what my maths school teacher informed my parents. quite worried about my future, my parents approached my maths tution teacher and asked him to give extra focus on me.”
    laato ke bhoot baato se ni mante“- he replied and further said to my parents that my marks will be his responsibility provided they allow him to de


    Well in my case i think it was something more rude.

    I was studying in a public school in my hometown.

    We had a teacher there who used to call KG kids and ask them to slap seniors in front of whole class.

    It used to be a direct hit on student’s self esteem,sometimes also turning bad for them.

    I think this is the most embarrassing and most rude punishment ever.

    Luckily i was never scolded that way,that teacher also was out very soon.

    Making students sit on the floor outside the class! I’ll tell you my story.

    I used to be that super-nerdy class topper. So here I was, a completely disciplined boy who was the favourite of every teacher. I never got scolded (because I used to be quiet). But the truth was, I used to talk a lot and I was very naughty. I was the two faced kid who would become innocent in front of the teacher and do all sorts of mischieves behind their back.

    However, I had a very cunning teacher in class 5 (and he was one of my favourites too). He was notoriously known in the school for being strict as hell. He caug


    Warning: I’ll advise hardcore feminists don’t read this answer and make haste judging me or maybe you can, we all deserve punishment for our sins.

    As a child, I always hated girls like most other boys do. With their pony tails, pink school bags, high pitched crying, flowing noses and mean nature, I used to run away from them. Until the day came when puberty hit me, really hard. Until the whole hormone drama started. And all of sudden, just like other guys, I too became wasp for them. It was the time my masculinity turned into my weakness.

    The most embarrassing punishment in my school was to make


    An embarrassing Punishment that ultimately turned up to most memorable and inspirational school time memory.

    Punishment was a big thing for me , as I used to be very sincere , brilliant and demure kind of girl when it came to studies ( I dropped that quality after coming to engineering college :p ) . I was punished only once during my school days.

    Our science teacher was somewhat strict . She had told every students to get done with homework on Monday, as she would be strictly checking that. But somehow I forgot . On Monday , she started checking . She was sending everyone out of the class who d


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