What occurs in a guy’s body when and after he …

  • Credentials: Mature gay guy and expert on male sexual efficiency:-RRB-

    I have actually seen lots of people climax for many years – a reasonable few in person and probably several thousand in pornography.

    Ejaculatory efficiency varies widely between males, in regards to volume, duration and force – the latter generally corresponding with range. As with the majority of aspects of human physiology, these things tend to follow a typical distribution – a bell-shaped curve – when charting the worth of a characteristic (horizontal axis) against the numbers of males who display it (vertical axis).

    Guys to the left of the peak (which denotes the typical volume, period or range) are what I call ‘oozers’ and ‘dribblers’; they do not shoot very far, if at all (i.e. no more than 10 cm or two from a standing position with their cock pushing a horizontal surface). Their ejaculations may still be quite generous and extended, so it’s not a overall dissatisfaction …

    In the middle, at the peak or average, you have the ‘sprinklers’ and ‘squirters’, who can shoot up to around 50 cm.

    More to the right, as the curve drops down again, you remain in the territory of the ‘shooters’. These people can soar to a metre or more; they can quickly hit themselves in the face or embellish the wall behind their head if they are lying face-up on a bed while cumming.

    And at the upper tail-end of the bell-curve you have what I call the ‘super-shooters’. These guys are truly remarkable! In a standing position, they can shoot several metres horizontally. Lying on their backs on a bed, they might most likely hit the ceiling, as a friend of mine once boasted that he might (and as another poster on here states) – although stated buddy’s bed was on the mezzanine flooring of a loft house, so the ceiling was probably less than 2 metres above his bed … And if they integrate great distance with very copious and extended ejaculations (as lots of super-shooters do, in my experience), they are what I call ‘super-ejaculators’. When you enjoy these guys, you think ‘ Where the hell is all that spunk coming from?! And when is he in fact going to stop cumming?!’ (A few of these guys appear to climax for around 15 seconds or more, balancing around one great strong blast per 2nd before they begin to dry up and decrease). And prior to anybody declares that this is simply porn business utilizing trick modifying and fake spunk to make ejaculations look more spectacular, I ought to specify that I prefer porn companies whose movies are characterised by sincerity and realism, and which don’t resort to such inexpensive techniques – or, indeed, need to, due to the fact that they utilize guys who are physiologically gifted in this area. The ejaculation scenes are filmed continuously, from a single electronic camera angle (rather than from a number of different angles that might then be entwined together to give the impression that the ejacuation was longer or more massive than it actually was), and in full-frame, so you can see where and how far the person is shooting. (Though some pornography manufacturers will frequently follow the preliminary ejaculation scene with a replay of it from another video camera angle, in close-up and sluggish motion, so thaters can actually savour every sensual gush, pulsate and twitch of it:-RRB-). If you do not think that these super-ejaculators in fact exist in real life, then I can just conclude that you have led a rather sheltered sex life (if you are a straight lady or a gay man, at least), and probably haven’t had adequate sexual partners, or enjoyed sufficient porn, to have actually encountered among these people (yet). (I ‘d like to post some videos of these guys on here, to prove the accuracy of my claims about them, but this would most likely infringe the copyright constraints of the manufacturers concerned – in addition to, I presume, the T&C s of Quora:-RRB-.)

    I should probably mention that in between my teenagers and late forties, I was a super-shooter myself (as I am publishing this anonymously, this is not precisely a boast, so I have no reason to lie, do I?); I might easily shoot over my head when resting, and could cum for 10 to 15 seconds prior to drying up – though I was never rather in the same league as a few of the super-ejaculators I have actually seen in pornography. (A casual sexual partner of mine (one-night-stand I met in a bar – young, blonde, Italian, v-e-r-y charming) as soon as remarked, in a tone of shock, awe and – I hope – adoration, ‘Oh my God! You come like a horse!’ I didn’t believe to ask him how many horses he had seen climaxing, but I think that may have spoiled the moment …) I might likewise have three or more orgasms in a single ‘session’, depending upon how excited or tired I was. Now, in my late fifties, my orgasms are not as frequent (one’s libido does tend to decline with advancing years …), and my ejaculations are not as generous, prolonged or strong, unfortunately. That’s probably a good thing; if I ever had another ejaculation as effective and brain-fryingly intense as the ones I had when I was at my sexual peak, it would most likely eliminate me from a stroke or coronary …

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