When someone says ‘Briefly describe your background’, what are …

  • Depends on who is asking the question. If the question is on a job application, you summarize your experience and training that would be relevant to the job. If it’s on an application to be included in Who’s Who, you summarize your experience and training for that field of study.

    If it’s for the church newsletter, you summarize everything in your life that puts you in a good light. If it’s for the underground prison newslettier, you summarize everything that would make people leave you alone.

    It depends on the reason someone is asking. If it’s for a job application or interview, you would give your educational and professional background, as well as what interests you about the position for which you are applying.

    It depends on the circumstance. What you wrote sounds like you’re being asked to write down your description. If, for instance, you’re being asked because you’re interested in a job, I would think the questioner would like to receive what parts of your background you feel are pertinent to the open position, like education, former related experience, or your past/ present interest in that particular area. If, on the other end, you’re being asked in general for an English assignment, or on a casual basis you could add anything you want about yourself, like pertinent ideas, background,,etc that seem to you your most important details or stories that you’d want to tell the specific questioner.

    My wife was three months pregnant. We were in a hotel in Rome. We’d arrived from New York early that morning, pressed on through the day, and by nighttime our body clocks were completely out of whack.

    At 11 pm I heard my wife get out of bed and go to the bathroom. A minute later she stepped out and said four words I will never forget.

    How strong are you?

    She was staining and she was certain she was going to lose the baby.

    A doctor came to the hotel room. Through the magic of 1971 technology I was able to reach my wife’s obstetrician in New York. He agreed with the Italian doctor’s prognosis and his course of treatment — one progesterone injection per week for three weeks. First shot in Rome, second shot in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, third shot in Athens.

    It worked, and six months later our son was born.

    That was 45 years ago. But to this day I will never forget seeing my young wife standing at the foot of the bed, light filtering from the open bathroom door behind her, and asking, “How strong are you?”

    Nor will I forget my one-word response.

    “Very,” I lied.

    Few ask but I tell them. Why not? It shouldn’t matter but if you feel it may…. Say oh I’m such a mixture. A little of this, A little of that. A mish mosh!

    Early in our marriage, we were undergoing an unusually harsh winter. I was more than usually busy at the time. I didn’t have good winter wear so I just made do, shivering quite a bit as I returned from the office.

    My wife suggested I shop for a winter coat. I rather grumpily dismissed her with “I don’t have time for that.”

    The next day, in the afternoon, my secretary told me there was someone waiting to see me in the reception area. I went out and was handed a bag from a delivery person from Nordstrom. I opened it to find a wonderful, perfectly fitting, comfortable and very warm overcoat. No note, no call, no words. I understood what she was saying.

    I’ve had it ever since and every time I wear it, I feel wrapped in the love that caused my kind and wonderful wife to ignore my poor manners and take care of me.

    I did use my words to thank her profusely.

    If it’s work related then talk briefly about where you’re from, where you’ve worked, what your goals are and what you plan on doing to reach those goals.

    If it’s a girl then tell her you were Romeo Montague in your past life. I’m assuming you’re a guy.

    I think the previous answer to this question is a little too flippant/mean spirited. Giving the questioner the benefit of the doubt, guilt and remorse can be a very powerful emotion. We often feel the need for resolution in our lives and *ifyou genuinely feel remorse for past behaviour then it is completely understandable that you would want to try and do something about it. The problem is, and this depends also on the severity of the harassment, any attempt by you to apologise may be interpreted as yet more harassment.

    It is important that you understand you may not receive the forgiveness that you seek. The person who was the victim of your past actions may never be ready to hear your apology. If you absolutely feel like you have to apologise, then you should write to this person, say sorry, simply, (do not make excuses, nor write a sob-story, in other words, own your mistake in as few a words possible) and make it very clear that they will never hear from you again, and then follow through with that promise. The poster below is correct in part, that actions in this regard do indeed speak louder than words.

    However, if you are secretly hoping to rekindle some kind of relationship with this person, that would suggest alternative motives, and that you are actually not genuinely remorseful of your behaviour. Whether genuine or not, the best thing you can do, is to leave this person alone and let them live their life. The best thing you can do, is learn from your mistake. I wish you well.

    By their absence.

    I’ve suffered Depression since my teens. The red flag symptoms I’ve learnt to look out for are:

    • Distress and panic at having to attend social engagements, parties, get-togethers, interviews
    • Inability to “make myself” get up, washed, dressed, ready to go out, go to work, etc
    • Complete inability to concentrate or make decisions
    • Blankness; a numb inability to Feel

    I’m sure there are people who weep and long for constant affection and company when they’re depressed; I’m not one of them. I rarely cry: if I cry once in three years I count it a bad phase.

    But my depression will make me utterly unable to take care of myself: to open my mail, or answer the phone or the front door, or take a shower.

    By this stage I will have stopped going into work (getting sacked is of no consequence: by then, the whole concept of doing anything is beyond me), seeing family or friends, or doing housework. I will become a very erratic eater – that could mean overeating or undereating – my blinds will be closed day and night, and I might be overusing drugs or prescription meds to make me sleep in an effort to avoid the intensely painful distress I’m suffering.

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