Who would win in a fight between Batman and Spider-Man …

  • A timeless battle between the two most famous characters in fiction.


    My all-time favorite superhero, the Batman. After billionaire boy Bruce Wayne witnessed the tragic death of his parents, he devoted the rest of his life to protect the innocent as Batman. Through intense training, Batman gained peak human strength, speed, durability, stamina, reflexes and agility. He’s a master at using stealth against his opponents and is an expert an intimidating others. Bruce has a genius level intellect. He’s one of the most intelligent characters in the DC universe, earning the title of World’s Greatest Detective. Batman is the most skilled combatant in fiction, learning every martial art known to man. Finally, thanks to his successful company, Batman has access to countless gadgets in his Utility Belt from razor sharp batarangs to grappling hooks. The Batsuit is composed of Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium; it is bullet-proof and resistant to most forms of attack (explosions, blunt trauma, falls, etc.) The gloves and the boots are reinforced to nullify the impact of punches and kicks. Batman’s gauntlets have retractable metallic blades on their sides. The cape is extremely light and can be used to glide long distances. The cowl is composed in small part by lead, which shields Batman’s face from identification via x-rays. It has also an infrareder and auditory sensors. The cowl is outfitted with security systems (aggravating gas, electric blasts, etc.) like the utility belt. Batman is the golden example of a superhero and with the greatest willpower in fiction, it’s gonna be really, really difficult to beat him.

    Spider Man

    Spider Man is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker was given a superhuman physique and became Spider Man. Spider Man has super strength, speed, durability, reflexes, stamina, agility and a Spider Sense, a precognitive reaction system that warns him of potential or immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of his skull. The Spider Sense allows him to detect upcoming attacks and with his reflexes, it’s extremely difficult to land a successful hit on him. He can scale walls with his bare hands, is a skilled fighter and is quite intelligent. His keen mind led to one of his iconic inventions, the Web Shooters. The Web Shooters, worn on his wrists, are able to shoot thin strands of a special web fluid at high pressure and speeds. These webs are immensely strong, able to restrain many of Marvel’s greatest heroes. However, the Spider Sense can be tricked into thinking it’s not in any danger by a more skilled or crafty foe. Spider Man’s willpower is impressive, allowing him to compete with the best Marvel has to offer.

    Let’s start, shall we?


    Pretty clear who wins in this section, but it’s not a total stomp. Batman is still incredibly strong especially for a human. He’s shattered Ra’s Al Ghul’s hands into 79 pieces just by blocking his attack,

    Pushed over a water tower

    and dragged a WW1 fighter plane!

    You can see how even though he’s just a human, Batman’s strength is nothing to be scoffed at. But Spider Man is still the stronger one by a really nice gap. He’s pulled down a building,

    Lifted a subway train

    and can hold a tank, which weighs 50 tons!

    Parker is definitely the stronger one and Batman just can’t compare.


    Batman’s durability can be considered superhuman. He’s endured a punch from Lobo who can lift a star,

    Is unfazed by a point blank RPG

    and survived a beating from Darkseid who can easily restrain Superman!

    Batman’s durability is on the brink of godly as he’s taken the worst from DC’s array of heavy hitters. But Spider Man is also incredibly durable. Parker has tanked being slammed though a whole building,

    Survived an explosion that destroyed a building

    and tanked blows from Juggernaut who can match Hulk in strength!

    Yeah, Spider Man is tougher, but it’s actually pretty close as people tend to underestimate how much the Dark Knight can endure.


    I’ll start with speed. Batman has caught up to a speeding train,

    Bullets move in slow motion to him

    and has dodged heat seeking missiles!

    But I’d give this one to Spider Man. He’s dodged a speeding train,

    Reacted to rockets

    and ran across New York in 10 minutes!

    New York is 14 miles long, so that means Spider Man’s maximum speed is 84 mph!

    Physically, Spider Man is superior.

    Stealth vs Spider Sense

    Before anyone goes ‘sPIDER mAN’S sPIDER sENSE tOTALLY nEGATES bATMAN’S uSE oF sTEALTH, let me just say that you can’t just assume something would outclass something else just by its description. The Spider Sense is very useful, but it can be tricked by smarter and mores skilled opponents. And Batman is definitely the smarter and more skilled one out of the two. I’d bet that Batman could manage to manipulate the Spider Sense into not thinking its in any danger. But let’s look at their feats. Spider Man’s Spider Sense has told him which wire to cut in a bomb,

    Enabled him to dodge attacks form invisible foes

    and allowed him to navigate around a minefield!

    Batman has infiltrated a cell in Blackgate Prison,

    Disappeared in the blink of an eye

    and has completely made himself invisible from Superman’s senses!

    And if you compare the Spider Sense to Superman’s senses, it’s no contest. I know people will call me a biased Batman fanboy, but I’m giving this point to the Caped Crusader.

    Fighting Skill

    Anyone with the smallest mental capacity can see where this is going, but don’t take away anything from Peter, he is a skilled fighter, being trained by Iron Fist and eventually creating his own form of martial arts called the Way of the Spider.

    Unfortunately, he has been shown to be beaten by more skilled foes even if he possesses much more powerful physical abilities.

    This id definitely a weakness Batman can exploit especially since Bruce is a master at utilizing his martial arts skill to take down physically superior opponents. He’s took out two Amazonians silently,

    Beat Solomon Grundy who can challenge Superman with a few martial art moves

    and defeated the Justice league just by using his vastly superior martial arts skill!

    The Dark Knight knows all 127 forms of martial arts,

    Can attack with a combination of fighting styles that all favor power

    and is trained to perfection in every combat form there is and he can incapacitate someone in 463 ways without drawing blood!

    This would be a huge asset in the battle given that Spider Man has been defeated by more skilled but physically inferior opponents. And if anybody can use this to their advantage, it’s Batman.


    … is this even worth mentioning? Don’t get me wrong, Parker is exceptionally smart and is a genius in his own right. He’s developed a chemical that burns through gold but doesn’t harm skin,

    Activated a Cosmic Cube with the resources of a post apocalyptic wasteland

    and hacked into Tony Stark’s computer programs!

    Yeah, Spider Man is an absolute genius.

    But Batman?

    He’s just on another tier completely.

    Batman is one of the two smartest humans on the planet,

    Hacked into a high tech network with a device no more sophisticated than a cell phone

    and somehow created an omniversal wormhole bullet that can destroy the Source!

    Wayne takes another massive advantage.

    Powers and Gadgets

    We already covered the Spider Sense, so all Peter has in this category is his Web Shooters. His webs are strong enough to contain large piles of rubble,

    Has stopped a speeding roller coaster

    and is fast enough to web up bullets after they’ve been fired!

    But they have a major weakness. The webs won’t fire properly in cold temperatures.

    Batman has an array of cold based offensive weaponry that can disable the Web Shooters.

    Now onto Batman’s weaponry. Let’s start with his Batsuit. His cowl can see in every spectrum of light

    Has x-ray vision,

    The ears release knives,

    The cowl can discharge gas that affects Solomon Grundy,

    Run facial recognition in the CIA and F.B.I databases

    and can analyse the weaknesses of opponents!

    All of these tools in the cowl will be effective against the Web-Crawler. Batman could even use his resources to deduce Spider Man’s secret weakness, Ethyl Chloride, and have it delivered from the Batmobile.

    The Batmobile is ideal for this task, not only because it can find out where a chemical compound originates from,

    but Batman can control it to aid him with a voice recognition device!

    The Batsuit can use a hologram to disguise itself into whoever it wants to pretend to be,

    and has a fake blood distribution system that makes it look as if he died!

    Now, let’s focus on his famous utility belt. It’s defenses include a sonic cannon,

    Discharging a 50,000 volt electric charge

    and knock out gas to prevent tampering.

    It houses signals that attracts bats,

    Inescapable handcuffs

    and a spray that erases short term memory!

    His iconic grappling hooks can pierce through men,

    Are made of a titanium thread

    and can support a collapsing bridge.

    Batman has many variants of smoke weapons that can blind Superman

    and the Spectre himself!

    The Dark Knight’s array of explosive gadgets are numerous and include ones that can one-shot Killer Croc,

    Destroy a bridge

    and stagger Superman!

    Finally, let’s take a look at his most iconic weapon of choice, the batarang. They’ve gone straight through concrete,

    Have millimeter accurate precision

    and has sliced Lobo’s finger off!

    This gap is bigger than the one strength. Batman’s gadgets stomp Spider Man’s solitary weapon and will be more useful by a very, very, very, very large margin.

    So, who’s the winner?

    Is it Spider Man with his strength, speed and durability. Or is it Batman with his intellect, fighting skill and gadgets. I’m going to go with Batman. You’ll call me biased, you’ll mock me in the comments, calling me a biased Batman fanboy. But here’s why I’d give Batman the win.

    From his cowl, he could do his research on Spider Man, finding out his characteristics, weaknesses and possibly, even his secret identity. Lesser geniuses have deduced it and I’m fairly confident that the World’s Greatest Detective could figure it out just based off camera footage. Norman Osborne figured it out just by tracking and following Spider Man.

    And Batman is experienced at hacking into security cameras.

    He’ll figure out from surveillance footage that Spider Man is Peter Parker and with his resources, can find out everything about Parker’s life form the comfort of his cowl. It’ll take time, but with flash bangs that have affected the Spectre, they’ll buy him the chance he needs to deduce it. Then, his hologram technology will fool him, perhaps taking on the guise of Mary Jane or Aunt May. Peter has shown to be vulnerable to holographic technology against Mysterio. But Batman can just summon the Batmobile at any time he wants with a simple voice command.

    Do I really need to mention how powerful the Batmobile is?

    And if all else fails, he can simply lean into his fighting skill and gadgets to win the fight. Batman is a master of fighting above his weight class and Spider Man, as previously mentioned, has been shown to be weak against more skilled foes. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, but Batman claims the victory.


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