Why does my phlegm suddenly leave a foul taste in my mouth?

  • If phlegm leaves a foul taste in the mouth, then it is often a symptom for a bacterial superinfection of the nasopharynx.

    If the body’s own defense system does not control this bacterial infection within a week, then probably a broad-spectrum antibiotic for 5–7 days will solve the problem.

    If that broad-spectrum antibiotic also does not solve the problem, then you should make a microbiological swab test of the phlegm for a germ classification and then take an antibiotic according the result of the resistance test of this germ.

    You more than likely have a respitory tract infection which could lead to bronchitis, which left untreated can turn into pneumonia. Time to visit your Doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Get well soon.

    Tonsil stones/tonsillitis. Stand in front of a mirror and shine a light down your throat (iPhone light works fine). If you can see your tonsils, look for white spots/bumps (could be anywhere from 0.5-10mm).

    They can be removed with a finger or q-tip if you see any.

    They form in the tonsil crypts and aren’t stones in the typical meaning of the word. They are soft (and very stinky).

    Weather or not you have any stones, buy a tongue cleaner. Very useful at minimizing bad breath. Cheep too, basically just a scraping tool on a stick, maybe $3?

    Could be a couple things could be something that you ate or you could be getting an infection if you notice a change in the color definitely go to the doctor

    Without being able to have a look in your throat I can only guess that it is probably due to a mild infection that has yet to provoke pain or fever.

    Try gargling some salt water 2–3x a day… 1 tbs salt in 8 oz water… DO NOT SWALLOW…

    Either you are ill with some type of respiratory infection, or you have inhaled a lot of smoke recently.

    You most likely have an infection and need to see a Doctor asap.

    On the off chance that mucus leaves a foul desire for the mouth, it isn’t unexpected an indication for a bacterial superinfection of the nasopharynx.

    On the off chance that the body’s own safeguard framework doesn’t control this bacterial contamination inside seven days, then, at that point, most likely an expansive range anti-infection for 5-7 days will take care of the issue.

    On the off chance that that expansive range anti-infection additionally doesn’t take care of the issue, then, at that point, you should make a microbiological swab trial of the mucus for a microorganism characterization and afterward take an anti-microbial concurring the consequence of the obstruction trial of this microbe.

    I’m going to answer 2 of your questions in 1, because the issues may be related. Based on this and your other question about brown mucus, you may have a sinus infection.

    Certain bacteria that can cause an infection in the sinuses produce a sweet taste in your mouth. This would be more pronounced in the morning, because the bacteria multiply more during sleep. This would also cause dark mucus in the morning, too, because the mucus can run down the back of your throat while you’re laying down, causing you to have to spit it out when you get up. It’s a lack of moisture and airflow that makes it dark, so once you …

    It could be a tonsil stone, they are very common and develop with excess mucus. Its a little stinky solid ball of mucus that can get stuck in your tonsil passageways. They can be extracted but if you wait it should just fall on its own. Only thing is they can be a little uncomfortable.

    If I’m sick, the cough is not good.

    Two years ago, I started tasting something bad. I went to acupuncture and I was given the name for it, and they treated it, but the weird taste returned. I was told to lessen my cold food and to increase my hot food. More soups and sautéed foods (I don’t fry food). It worked. This summer I walked in Spain and lost that weird taste completely.

    Later I happened to talk with an ENT specialist about the weird taste. He checked my tonsils, and he said over time some people get food balls, like stones. They hang on parts of the tonsils. He said I had two, one on each tonsils. Gross. Gross. Gross.

    He said I could remove them by a water pick. Another is literally picking it off with a Qtip. Or the layperson way, gargling with warm salt water. So now I swish with warm salt water. No more weird taste.

    This might not be your underlying problem, however, because you could have other troubles. But this is an easily solved issue.

    Phlegm is a byproduct of inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract. It consists of mucus, debris, bacteria, and dead cells. The odor mainly comes from the bacteria. Byproducts of bacterial metabolism, aka bacteria poop, have a foul odor to humans, which keeps us from ingesting potentially hazardous materials and waste. Like fecal matter and oral plaques, the phlegm has a foul odor due to the bacteria that it contains.

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